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Thursday, February 2, 2012

The parties begin......

It's that time of year again where we have birthdays every month. For the next nine months there is birthdays! It's always a party around here! In February one of our sons turns nine! In March we have a daughter turning twelve and a son turning 18! In April we have a daughter turning twelve, another daughter turning twenty two and a son turning seven! In May we have one son turning twelve. In July we have one son turning twelve, a son turning four, a daughter turning five and my husband turning forty four! In August we have one son turning fourteen. In September a daughter turning seventeen and a son turning nineteen. In November we have one son turning eight. I believe my "sometimers" didn't kick in because I remembered every ones without forgetting! So June, October and December we have no birthdays at our house! (January is mine) Now in between remembering our family's, I have my extended family and friends to remember! Believe it or not, I know three previous foster parents birthdays as well! 2012 I feel will be an exciting year even with the challenging twists from teenagers and unexpected health concerns. This weekend I'm attending a baby shower as a "Great Aunt" My younger sister will be a Grandmother in less then a month! I don't see my nephew often but when I do, it will be a completely different story. A baby story. Feels foreign to me and it's a realization that we are all getting older!

For our children we give them the opportunity to choose how they want to spend their birthdays. Either it's a birthday party somewhere of their choice or a more personal birthday spent doing something special with us. Either way, it's their day, a day of age that only happens once a year. Thank goodness! Let the parties begin........

PS - now that our week has past us, our second oldest son is feeling better on medication and for me, next week back to the stairs! ;)

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