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Friday, February 17, 2012

The green hours

Our family has been infected by all sorts of illnesses. Head colds, flu's, strep throats, different body aches and issues. At least four of our children have been sick at once, my husband and now myself. Our week consisted of multiple doctor appointments including a few hospital visits. We aren't a family that runs with the sniffles to the doctor, we're the opposite. So this week has been sickly. It also doesn't help when our family doctor is away on holidays! (tisk tisk) I suppose he deserves a holiday.........especially during the influenza season. I'm just happy that the week is over and we have the necessary medication to cure some of us! Today when I was at the doctor, I basically said to him, "Write me a prescription because I can not be a sick Mother!" He wrote me a prescription. We also don't over use medication but I'm the one with the strep throat feeling like a truck ran me over. I keep saying, "This too shall pass" The hardest part is getting up in the am. For instance when some of our children are waking up at 1am, 3am, 4:30am then 6:30am when all you want to do is sleep because you're sick - I call it the green hours. I was half dreaming at one point, listening to music to find out that the music was real, playing out of my closet around 4am because our littlest son was up playing! (Sneaky) Usually our children sleep through the night but with the endless coughing it's been disruptive. So for this weekend we've cancelled almost everything and we're taking it easy. Just finished watching "Pay it forward" A beautiful movie about a little boy who made a difference by doing good deeds and only wanted more good deeds to circulate onto others. A concept that I do believe works. Now we're going to watch "A walk to remember" Another beautiful show (sad) although heart warming. Where a young popular male falls in love with a girl everyone teased, a girl that changed his life forever. I won't write anymore because if you haven't seen it, you should. I hope that our sick season is finishing and not returning as it's like having the plague, infectious airborne spoors flying everywhere with no where to run...........

Before getting sick - I did manage 2,574 stairs with 120 tricep dips on Monday then another 1,638 stairs just before getting sick! Still climbing............!

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