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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Red curry chicken with potatoes

This morning I made a delicious recipe that's sitting in my crock pot. Mmmmm mmmm I'm going to share it! The ingredients consist of:

5-6 cooked cubed chicken breasts
2 fresh minced garlic bulbs
1 cup chopped cilantro
2 cups cherry tomatoes
2 cups cubed carrots
3 cups cubed potatoes
1 lg can chick peas
1 cubed yellow pepper
1 cubed onion
1 can coconut milk
3-4 tablespoons of red curry paste
7-8 dashes of fish sauce
1 cup brown sugar

Fry cubed chicken in 4-5 minced garlic cloves (salt & pepper) then add with all ingredients to the crock pot! Cook for 4-5 hours or until potatoes are soft. Serve as is or with fried naan bread. OR leave out the potatoes and pour over basmati rice.

I use garlic extensively in everything I cook. Did you know that garlic is consisted of a vegetable and a herb? And the consumption of garlic lowers blood cholesterol levels while reducing the buildup of plaque in our arteries! Garlic has been used medicinally for thousands of years since the Ancient Greek and Roman times. I'm convinced that garlic not only keeps us healthy, its origin is the most valuable. Try rubbing a crushed clove on your childrens warts! There is hundreds of reasons to use garlic and if you're worried about bad breath, suck a lemon! So don't be shy, use garlic!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Beauty is free

Today was another great day! When we have great days, we should take advantage of them! I took a couple of our boys and our dogs on a mini-hike. It's a little Mountain that looks over the ocean in several different directions. We can see a couple different Mountain peaks once on top. Not only is it a beautiful sight seeing area, it's a great workout! All over there is arbutus trees and green grass. As seen above, certain parts of the trails are still covered with ice. This little piece of earth reminds me of the bluffs on Hornby Island. We have taken our whole family to the top for picnics in the past. And yes, we've taken all terrain strollers! It's a safe environment with supervision.

Afterwords we were just warmed when we returned home we went running for 2 km around our loop! Some of my children followed on their long boards, others ran beside me. It was a great day! If anything; the outdoors for me makes me happy. It's my release and I feel good for the rest of my day! What's more beautiful then earth itself? And in many places it's free to explore and there is thousands of hidden spots around each corner!

"Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life" - Rachel Carson.

"What is more beautiful then earth itself?...... It's having our children experience and learning to appreciate everything the earth offers us" - Me.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

All shook up!

It was a very good weekend. To start off, I'm slightly a hypocrite as I've been excited about February passing! Not that I wish time to pass but because it was a sickly month! I've even redone my kitchen calendar for March! Glimpses of the sun and warmer weather wants me to build my green house, get our camper ready and plan for brighter days! Saturday at 12:30am my nephew and his fiance had their baby boy, 7 lbs 12 oz! I'm now a Great Aunt! Early Saturday evening I went and visited the new baby and he's beautiful. It's hard to explain but it was almost weird holding my nephews son. I remember my nephew as a child and it's a reality check for me to know the next generation is now having babies. I'm past those years. I'm now witnessing young adults raising babies, young adults I used to care for! AH I'm a middle aged woman! What happened?! In my heart I'll never be old, physically I continually to dye my hair and it's harder to loose those unwanted pounds! I even have these little light brown spots surfacing on my hands! I was organizing hundreds of pictures last night. I'm in the process of making "individual" albums for all our children. I was shocked on how young we all looked, including my husband and I! "Sigh" As I held the baby, I looked down upon him hoping I can witness where his life takes him within the next twenty years. (I always write you will never know what one day to the next where your life will take you) I then wondered.....who will be my first to make us Grandparents? Then I worried hoping it's not some of our children! Which made me question the next twenty years! Thinking even further, I can be a Great Grandmother one my parents! I suppose I had a "Ah Ha" moment with a reality check! Either way with aging it's really special to witness children growing up and starting their own families. Then Sunday my Mother took my sister and I for a late birthday present to the Chemainus Theatre. We saw "All shook up" featuring Elvis Presley songs. First we went to this little candy store my Mother likes to go too. Hansel and Gretel's Candy Company. (We bought candy) Then we had an excellent buffet lunch followed by the theatre production. It was really good. It was about a small town girl meeting a rough, tough, guitar playing rebellion and they fall in love. In fact there was several couples falling "in love" during this musical. During one part in the production there was two teenagers wanting to run away together, their love is all they needed. Funny - I thought about two teenagers I know that seem to think this way but during the show the teenagers quickly figured out a life running isn't the answer. That their love can be kept in the right way with respecting and listening to their parents. Life can be as simple as a musical with making the right choices. It was a high energy, thoughtful and full of love musical that I enjoyed immensely! I believe musical theatre and live plays make a great personal gift for anyone. I can't wait to take our children to "Animal Tales" where the kids can participate! Coming to the Chemainus Theatre from July 20 to August 25th! I also noticed there is reasonably priced getaway packages that includes a theatre production, one nights accommodations, a buffet dinner and buffet breakfast! Also complimentary use of a pool, hottub and fitness centre starting at $115.00 per person. If you think about everything included in the package, it's a good deal! So this weekend I was "All shook up" enjoying every little detail and realizing that life can slip us by, so go experience it, enjoy it and love everyone in it!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Leaning tower of cupcakes

It was a beautiful day in our neighborhood to celebrate our sons actual birthday. During the past weekend he had a swimming party with his friends but we always celebrate the day of.  My husband thought it would be great to have a bonfire so our children could roast wieners. Our first fire for 2012! It was like a spring day, our go-carts and quads were the highlight for the occasion. For hours most of our children circled our property. (Even through the mud) While they circled, I prepared sushi with smoked salmon and avocado and tried to build a tower of cupcakes! Unfortunately some of us are still sick with the endless viruses but we're making the best of a sickening February! After today I was struck by a spring fever - wanting more of the sun, the outdoors and I felt the need to summer plan. Which brought my attention to plan for Spring Break. Two weeks of unpredictable weather is usually the problem. So what can you plan is the question every year!? Any ideas? May and June are antsy months for me, I start taking day trips everywhere with our children. (Even a school day doesn't stop us) If it's a beautiful day, we take it like a snow day! I can easily say "Goodbye February!" Like my leaning tower of cupcakes, it's time to move on over and welcome spring! But first, "Happy Birthday to my now nine year old son!"

The Vow

I went to see "The Vow" last night. A movie about a young couple that was involved in a car accident, the woman suffered a severe brain injury which resulted in a memory loss. She couldn't remember her newly married husband and their life together. She could only remember her past up until a certain point. From there this true story was about their love together and her husbands determination to win her love back. It was a good movie. It's one of those movies that make you question what anything at anytime can change the course of our lives. I thought to myself if I suffered from a brain injury that resulted in severe memory loss for the rest of my life, so severe that I didn't remember my husband and all my children, how would that impact our family!? I wouldn't be a good Mother...........I think I would be so confused, so lost that coping around here would be extremely hard. It's taken me many years to develop who I am. I've written before that I'm still learning. Loosing all that experience would be detrimental for me as a parent. From one day to the next, time is quickly passing us by, and our reality seems to constantly change with age, so adding a trauma definitely would hinder our existence as we know it. I feel for all the families that have been directed down a path of uncertainty and have to rebuild their lives around a traumatic change. I also commend individuals that can move forward stronger with a positive peace of mind and embrace whatever the change in their life is. I know we all don't awake in the morning asking ourselves "what if today.....?" Although preparation especially having children I believe is an asset, like practicing earth quake drills. Openly communicating about the unknowns of our futures I think is a healthy approach because we also cannot walk this earth thinking we're invincible. My husband and I also have a will prepared. Unfortunately none of these can determine how we'll deal with an unfortunate event. Stories like "The Vow" remind me what our day is worth. Each and every minute counts not only for ourselves, for every person we love within it. We just never know and when it's too late - "It is too late" Some have happy endings..........then many have regrets. My thoughts today and ending with this quote...........

Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.
Life is beauty, admire it.
Life is bliss, taste it.
Life is a dream, realize it.
Life is a challenge, meet it.
Life is a duty, complete it.
Life is a game, play it.
Life is a promise, fulfill it.
Life is sorrow, overcome it.
Life is a song, sing it.
Life is a struggle, accept it.
Life is a tragedy, confront it.
Life is an adventure, dare it.
Life is luck, make it.
Life is too precious, do not destroy it.
Life is life, fight for it.

Mother Teresa.

"When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive - to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love" Marcus Aurelius.

Embrace life with everyone you love within it - Me.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Cream of Salad

Nine days in and still viruses are circulating us! We've been hand washing and wiping everything in sight like crazy! Everyone is now advised to cough inside their shirts! While myself is unmotivated getting over my own head cold I've contemplated buying face masks to keep our air cleaner! Wouldn't that be a topic of conversation while wearing hospital face masks at dinner! It would be a bit of a mumbled story!

What I found to be a great nose blowing item is wet wipes. Non medicated, no perfume wipes that not only wipes the nose softly, it cleans around the surface. My husband thought they worked well for a wipe war (meaning wet wipe balls were flying in every direction) the other night! He's my fifteenth child! He's rough around the edges and sometimes hard to control. I haven't found a time-out area that works well for him but his garage! We did manage to celebrate one of our sons' ninth birthday on Sunday and now that it's Monday, I've been plunking along accomplishing different house tasks. Before I started this new refreshed blog, I wrote about different recipes I make. I haven't done this recently but today I would like to share what I did with our untouched left over salad! (I never waste leftovers) Normally you'd think salad is a compost item right? Well.........this salad was still fresh and sparky, so I decided to make CREAM of SALAD! I will understand if you think it sounds disgusting but it's amazing on how you can hide vegetables in a creamed soup! Even my husband complains about the "green things" on his plate but he enjoyed his soup! From the beginning the salad consisted of:

Green onions
Yellow peppers
cubed cheese
and yes, lettuce.

I took all these ingredients and added 5 cups of milk with 6 cloves of garlic, salt, pepper and parsley to taste, simmered until creamy. I of course picked out the obvious! Bon appetite!

Now for some cold hard facts because I've been on the killing viruses mission - I've learned viruses can live up to 3 hours after leaving your nasal passage! (EW) The first few days are the most contagious! OK - we're on day 9! There is more then 200 different viruses that can start a cold! A sneeze can travel over 100 miles per hour! No wonder why I feel like I'm slapped in my face constantly around here! AND of course washing your hands is the best prevention!
Now for my husband, "Man-Flu is not "just a cold". It is a condition so severe that the germs from a single Man-Flu sneeze could wipe out entire tribes of people living in the rain forest. And probably loads of monkeys too!" - Kim Ayres
No wonder why we're on day 9! My husband will be happy confined to his garage, after all - he brought it home and cares to differ! My cream of salad will cure him for sure!

Friday, February 17, 2012

The green hours

Our family has been infected by all sorts of illnesses. Head colds, flu's, strep throats, different body aches and issues. At least four of our children have been sick at once, my husband and now myself. Our week consisted of multiple doctor appointments including a few hospital visits. We aren't a family that runs with the sniffles to the doctor, we're the opposite. So this week has been sickly. It also doesn't help when our family doctor is away on holidays! (tisk tisk) I suppose he deserves a holiday.........especially during the influenza season. I'm just happy that the week is over and we have the necessary medication to cure some of us! Today when I was at the doctor, I basically said to him, "Write me a prescription because I can not be a sick Mother!" He wrote me a prescription. We also don't over use medication but I'm the one with the strep throat feeling like a truck ran me over. I keep saying, "This too shall pass" The hardest part is getting up in the am. For instance when some of our children are waking up at 1am, 3am, 4:30am then 6:30am when all you want to do is sleep because you're sick - I call it the green hours. I was half dreaming at one point, listening to music to find out that the music was real, playing out of my closet around 4am because our littlest son was up playing! (Sneaky) Usually our children sleep through the night but with the endless coughing it's been disruptive. So for this weekend we've cancelled almost everything and we're taking it easy. Just finished watching "Pay it forward" A beautiful movie about a little boy who made a difference by doing good deeds and only wanted more good deeds to circulate onto others. A concept that I do believe works. Now we're going to watch "A walk to remember" Another beautiful show (sad) although heart warming. Where a young popular male falls in love with a girl everyone teased, a girl that changed his life forever. I won't write anymore because if you haven't seen it, you should. I hope that our sick season is finishing and not returning as it's like having the plague, infectious airborne spoors flying everywhere with no where to run...........

Before getting sick - I did manage 2,574 stairs with 120 tricep dips on Monday then another 1,638 stairs just before getting sick! Still climbing............!

Monday, February 13, 2012


Interestingly enough some of our children have shown interest in my blog. I suggested that whenever they wanted to journal their thoughts, they could as a guest writer on here. So once in awhile there will be a post with one or more of our children writing. I thought it was a great idea being that they'll develop stronger typing skills while practicing their English. (Like me, still learning Grammar!) Most importantly their minds are open and they're able to express themselves through writing. The posts below are authentic in nature and wasn't directed by me. The only statement I suggested before they started writing was that this blog is designed around adoption and our large family. (I didn't want to change anything nor their mistakes) This post is dedicated to children that need and/or want a family and for pre-adoptive parents is worth the wait! Happy Valentines Day!

hi i have lots of brothers and sisters. it is awesome. it's fun to play with them. my family likes to go camping.i like to swimm.when i have new brothers and new sisters it is awesome because they are funny . we do every thing has a family.i like to writt has much has my mom.i like to go to the stares with my mom and my dad lets us drive the quads
and gocarts it is fun.i like to have a big family.
Age - 9.

Why did the chicken cross the road because he wanted too. Why is 6 scared of 7  because 7, ate, 9. I never get boared because i always have a brother or sister to play with. i like to play mantracker because we have so many people in our family. the only person that can beat me at chess is my dad. im on a basketball team and i won the freethrow so im really by the ocean is awesome because i have never seen the ocean before and i have never seen a crab until my mom and dad adopted me. My family is important to me.
Age - 11.

I really didn't like it in foster care because i was moved home to home 9 times. and i lived far away from all of my brothers.when i heard that i was getting adopted i was really excited but when i first met my mom and dad i didn't talk to them that much. i was about 9 when i was adopted but now i have a big family i do lots of stuff with my family like going camping and going to adoption things. being adopted is better then living in a foster care when your adopted you have a mom and a dad that loves you and always will. i dont have to worry about my future thats why you should adopt.

i wasnt adopted, but i have lots of brothers and sisters that were. i live in a big family now and its big. my life has changed now and its nice to have brothers and sisters. i have some brothers and sisters the same age as mee. its cool to have family around and i am never bored i atend all the fun things with my brothers and sisters and weve made lots of friends i really like my new little sister because shes funny and my mom thinks she looks like mee. i think our family is ginormus and great.      
Age -11

When I think about myself, I think about my purpose. It's my dedication to my family. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and children for me, is my reason for everything. What is very special about us is our hearts. Love isn't defined for only one, it's a human ability to love many. Opening our hearts is like opening a treasure box full of gold. Rich with love - Carrie.

Friday, February 10, 2012

One of our daughters favorite dance songs!

Dance for attachment

Music is one of those beautiful magical gifts that I'm sure everyone is grateful we have in our lives. Music in many ways soothes any emotion and can change an emotion easily while engaged with certain songs. Music is always playing throughout our day in one form or another. Our littlest daughter was/is hard to console. "Hugging" seems to be a source of confinement for her, plus given her past who knows what maternal bond developed if any. There was a time I remember holding a baby that was stiff. Not because of any condition (there is stiff baby syndromes) but because the baby lacked being soothed by rocking and hugging - from what I know, the baby never slept near or on his Mother. I remember the Mother firmly believed in the Ferber method. Basically to cry it out. I, myself never believed with this method. I understand the reasoning's (somewhat) although leaving the child to cry himself to sleep isn't in my vocabulary. All my babies were rocked, they slept in my arms, laid quietly to bed peacefully. This was a bond I built with my child, a fond memory that I cherish today. I personally saw first hand the difference between my baby and a baby that lacked cuddling. Naturally babies should mold into their Mother or Father. This baby was a board. With the Ferber Method I know the baby is loved, it's check on every 5-10 minutes extra and the idea is to train the child for bedtime. Again for me, life is too short and babies grow up too fast. I really encourage building attachment through togetherness. My last child I breastfed for 27 months. I was heavily involved with the La Leche League. (An organization that supports breastfeeding) La Leche means "milk" and us Mother's produce this for our baby, it's the most superior milk of all. I even support adoptive Mother's to breastfed if they can. (I know it's been done) Another topic that would probably create a debate so getting back on topic - music I find to be therapeutic. Our littlest daughter I would define as a "board baby" (not that she's a baby per-say) She doesn't like cuddling. I will not suspect her condition with having Cerebral Palsy to be the cause. SO for the life of me I wasn't sure how we could soothe her..........but we've found a way through music! Our daughter loves music; any kind of music and she's full of rhythm! If you don't know, our daughter doesn't walk but she loves dancing. We've found a connection through music and dance to connect and bond emotionally and physically with our daughter. We dance everyday. Not only do I smile writing this, I tear because our daughter is learning to hug this way. She just molds right in and I know this is building her confidence to be close and to bond. She's not only dancing, she's singing and she's physically showing affection. If you have any children that are emotionally and physically somewhat having a hard time attaching, try music. Try dancing with your child. It's amazing the results in a short period of time. I'm a Mother that always tries to find different outlets, different techniques to reach in previous posts, muppets or puppets are also a great tool for opening communication. If anything, lifting a frown to a smile.

Music does bring people together. It allows us to experience the same emotions. People everywhere are the same in heart and spirit. - John Denver.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The time

During the course of today I managed to make dozens and dozens of cabbage rolls while slipping out accomplishing my mastered amount of stairs of 2,340 with 100 tricep dips in the rain with a broken toe! (Each step had a interesting throb to it!) I write "mastered" because I can finish that amount, it doesn't mean easily! "We aren't made of sugar", I always tell our children and the rain can serve another purpose - keeping you cool especially while stair climbing! I have a friend that has many children, (more then me) a job that keeps her busy daily, and she's agreed to try the stairs next week. That's when my mind started twirling with an idea. I often state that we all need support and motivation help from others. The hardest part of any exercise is putting on the running shoes. Believe me, I lack motivation regardless on what my blog writes. I need to constantly remind myself that I should go and tackle the dreaded stairs, I should run when I can on my treadmill.......I should not eat that salty bag of dill pickle chips (because that is one of my favorites) Like anything, it's a dedication. This one dedication is for myself and there is always time to do it somewhere in that busy schedule of ours! SO my brainwave recently questioned, "Why not put the vibe out there for other adoptive parents to meet once a week to climb stairs!?" There will be two benefits to this idea, one - you're meeting other adoptive parents, two - you have support working out! I'm already in the process of stair climbing and I can rearrange my schedule to accommodate others. Interested? I know it doesn't sound to appetising but why not? I believe there will be a email coming out through AFABC soon and through here you can contact me. Funny, the picture above looks like we're running away from our children!

 I also have a surprise for some of our middle children...... I will be taking them to a concert! I'm just not writing which one until we've gone! Building memories is so much fun! Now that we're into February and spring is approaching fast, all I can think about is summer. Camping, boating, quading, you name it - we'll be doing it! This May it will be one year since our adoption placement, amazing how time moves......that's why our lives should never be dull and memories should be made. "Know how to live the time that is given to you" - Dario Fo.

"A life-long blessing for children is to fill them with warm memories of times together. Happy memories becomes treasures in the heart to pull you out on the tough days of adulthood" - Charlotte Davis Kasl

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Muppets Forever!

Today was a nice day. My Mother, my oldest daughter, my sister, my niece, my youngest daughter and a friend attended a baby shower for my nephew's fiancee. She's due in two weeks and she's having a baby boy! During the course of two hours, we all talked, laughed and watched the "Mother to be" open her baby gifts. I bought her two baby boy outfits, two baby creams and 1,440 wet wipes! I heard someone say, "That's a lot of wipes!" I chuckled stating, "within one week those wipes will be gone with all the soiling from different ends constantly!" Our littlest daughter was having a blast with all the balloons, she was concentrating on all the presents that circled by her. It was very cute. Especially when she seen Elmo! There was Elmo blankets, shirts, sleepers and toys! Elmo is our daughters favorite interactive toy. I never realized Elmo was so popular for babies too! It seems to be Sesame Street all over the place. When we had a baby almost twelve years ago it was "Winnie the Pooh" At showers such as this, the presents are past around the room to look at. There was items I've never seen before. It's amazing on how one decade can change different products but Sesame Street still survives time! November 10th 1969 Sesame Street was broad casted all over PBS stations. Muppet's seem to be not only entertaining but somewhat therapeutic. We have a few Elmo's around here that have even helped with speech therapy! (No kidding) And I still have my Muppet named "Floo" that our children love to see and interact with! Even our thirteen year old loves him! (Picture below) That's why I can understand that Sesame Street will be around forever and so they should! Muppet's are a child's best friend! Around here Muppet's are not only interactive, they provide a type of magical friendship. Our children get a kick out of my Muppet because he likes to eat ears and fingers as he doesn't have any! He also likes to look into their mouth as he's fascinated with their teeth! Wondering why he doesn't have teeth!? Questioning our children, "Why do you have teeth?" Their responses are quite funny and I enjoy being behind the Muppet! Depending on your child's age and cognitive abilities, Muppet's can provide an outlet to open up conversation. A great counseling tool. "Floo" is our family Muppet (Puppet) but it's stored safely away in his own bed hiding in my room. (He occasionally comes out at bedtime) If any of our children get carried away by pinching his nose or poking his eyes, he leaves very upset. He only interacts when it's safe and accepting of his differences. See - he won't be teased either. A year or more ago I wrote about our Muppet and his benefits. It's more likely one of those deleted posts I regret, regardless it's money well spent buying a family friend like this. It makes bedtime fun but most importantly like Sesame Street, it's a memorable time that is spent with our children teaching and opening their minds to the endless possibilities of learning creatively.

A little funny that happened tonight - I was bathing our eleven year old daughter, washing her hair extra....and she asks, "Did someone fart?" I said, "No I didn't fart, did you?" She says, "NOOO" So I explained maybe it's the toilet! She starts laughing asking, "The toilet farted?!" Well......I meant that maybe the toilet smells from the last person using it but perhaps the toilet was the culprit tonight!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Alright, I have a confession. Valentines Day is coming. Basically another commercialized day to spend money but it's also a day to show affection in one form or another. I love to bake and cook for our family on that special day. (Every day) But on this day, our children will receive "a treat" just after dinner, a bomb explained below! :) If Valentines Day is a school day, I will usually hide the candied kisses within their lunch. I know many buy their wives flowers and in the past my husband has done the same although flowers die. I've requested my husband not to buy me flowers ever again unless they're the ones I can plant. If anything, thanks to my oldest son, I love LUSH products! He bought me a combination pack of shampoo and conditioner that's in bar form. (No liquid) Everything came in bar form including a massage rub. Since then I checked out this store called "Lush" and bought some bath bombs. You just drop the whole bomb into the bath. I was told that the products are all natural and there is no chance for different infections or irritations. There is all different bath products you can purchase. There is also bubble baths that come in bar form, all you do is break a piece and drop it underneath running water. Excellent for children! You smell wonderful and literally for days afterwords. So I thought I would send the lush vibe out there for an idea instead of flowers and chocolates. In fact it's fun for children too! For me, a $10.00 bar of bubblegum bubbles would last 10 baths, I could break that up in pieces for Valentines Day! A fun and different idea instead of chocolate! Also those bath bombs range from $4.00 to $7.00 and what a lovely gift for a little girl. (Well my boys would love one too) There is a magic mushroom bubble bar that smells like strawberries and cream made especially for Valentines Day I believe. There is everything and anything and all the products are freshly handmade. I just had a bath using the butterball bomb........washed my hair with the bar soap and in my opinion it's one of my favorite gifts. Funny, I've expressed to my family that if you want to buy me anything in the future, buy it from the Lush store! I even buy gifts for everyone from that store including our children. This link provided explains the Lush Company and what they believe. (If you don't see the link, try dragging your mouse in the black space, it should be there) There is more reasons to purchase from Lush then any other bath company! Now that I've been introduced to it, it's a store that can provide a nice gift to anyone. One of my favorites! Try it, you'll see!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Ready for my advice!?

Have you ever had a clouded brain that suffers from slight confusion and shock that is holding back excitement? During that time you struggle wondering if a word should be shared? That's me. I should have lots to write about today but my inner feelings is saying, "Don't do that" In fact, "Don't do anything" I've learned and I'm still learning to wait to share your thoughts. I am a woman that can prematurely speak, act and cause disruptions within my life because I expect and expect too quickly. I remember something someone once told me years ago that has been embedded in my mind, that helps with everything. Don't expect anything and you will never get disappointed. See, throughout my life I have. Guilty, guilty, guilty. I remember when I was a child expecting that puppy under the Christmas tree. My expectation was so high that when he wasn't under the tree waiting, I went looking for him. I firmly remember the disappointment that I created. I can honestly say that sometimes I have high expectations for some of our children and it's laid me flat on my face. Through our adoption years the same thing. We thought we would adopt a child/children that didn't move any further through the adoption process because of different reasons and it was disappointing. Not only disappointing but we had to explain to everyone we told it wasn't happening. So these days my expectations are limited and my words of excitement wait. So if my advice helps.......always keep your expectations at a level you can handle just in case the disappointment surfaces the next day. "I'd rather be pleasantly surprised than fatally disappointed" - Julia Glass

"What's the first sign of lurking, hidden expectation you didn't know you had? Pain! People don't do what we want, things don't happen quickly enough, the weather doesn't cooperate, our bodies don't cooperate. Why are these moments so painful? Because our minds are focused on a static, unchanging, me-centric picture while the dynamic unfolding of a broader life continues around us. There is nothing wrong with expectations per-se, as it's appropriate to set goals and work, properly, towards their fruition. But the instant we feel pain over life not going "my way" our expectations have clearly taken an improper turn. Any moment you feel resistance or pain, look for - and then let go of - the hidden expectation. Practice giving yourself over to what "you" don't want. Let the line at the store be long. Let the other person interrupt you. Let the nervousness make you shake. Be where your body is, not where your mind is trying to take you. - Guy Finley.


Thursday, February 2, 2012

The parties begin......

It's that time of year again where we have birthdays every month. For the next nine months there is birthdays! It's always a party around here! In February one of our sons turns nine! In March we have a daughter turning twelve and a son turning 18! In April we have a daughter turning twelve, another daughter turning twenty two and a son turning seven! In May we have one son turning twelve. In July we have one son turning twelve, a son turning four, a daughter turning five and my husband turning forty four! In August we have one son turning fourteen. In September a daughter turning seventeen and a son turning nineteen. In November we have one son turning eight. I believe my "sometimers" didn't kick in because I remembered every ones without forgetting! So June, October and December we have no birthdays at our house! (January is mine) Now in between remembering our family's, I have my extended family and friends to remember! Believe it or not, I know three previous foster parents birthdays as well! 2012 I feel will be an exciting year even with the challenging twists from teenagers and unexpected health concerns. This weekend I'm attending a baby shower as a "Great Aunt" My younger sister will be a Grandmother in less then a month! I don't see my nephew often but when I do, it will be a completely different story. A baby story. Feels foreign to me and it's a realization that we are all getting older!

For our children we give them the opportunity to choose how they want to spend their birthdays. Either it's a birthday party somewhere of their choice or a more personal birthday spent doing something special with us. Either way, it's their day, a day of age that only happens once a year. Thank goodness! Let the parties begin........

PS - now that our week has past us, our second oldest son is feeling better on medication and for me, next week back to the stairs! ;)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Many teens & adults "want" a family


There's not much thought in me this week. Sleep is a wonderful action that I'd love to accomplish. Most of our children have head colds and our second oldest son suffers with pneumonia. He's been sick for a good week. While at the hospital we thought he had another pneumothorax, pneumonia is the cause this time. Endless nights of vomiting. I just hope he can keep his medication in. While awoken I can't fall back to sleep which is making my days very long. It's currently 2am in the morning and 6am is approaching fast. So if you don't read any new posts lately, this is one of some reasons why. Our poor son with his lung issues........and we're keeping our fingers crossed that it doesn't collapse while it's clouded with pneumonia. Good morning Garfield.