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Monday, February 20, 2012

Cream of Salad

Nine days in and still viruses are circulating us! We've been hand washing and wiping everything in sight like crazy! Everyone is now advised to cough inside their shirts! While myself is unmotivated getting over my own head cold I've contemplated buying face masks to keep our air cleaner! Wouldn't that be a topic of conversation while wearing hospital face masks at dinner! It would be a bit of a mumbled story!

What I found to be a great nose blowing item is wet wipes. Non medicated, no perfume wipes that not only wipes the nose softly, it cleans around the surface. My husband thought they worked well for a wipe war (meaning wet wipe balls were flying in every direction) the other night! He's my fifteenth child! He's rough around the edges and sometimes hard to control. I haven't found a time-out area that works well for him but his garage! We did manage to celebrate one of our sons' ninth birthday on Sunday and now that it's Monday, I've been plunking along accomplishing different house tasks. Before I started this new refreshed blog, I wrote about different recipes I make. I haven't done this recently but today I would like to share what I did with our untouched left over salad! (I never waste leftovers) Normally you'd think salad is a compost item right? Well.........this salad was still fresh and sparky, so I decided to make CREAM of SALAD! I will understand if you think it sounds disgusting but it's amazing on how you can hide vegetables in a creamed soup! Even my husband complains about the "green things" on his plate but he enjoyed his soup! From the beginning the salad consisted of:

Green onions
Yellow peppers
cubed cheese
and yes, lettuce.

I took all these ingredients and added 5 cups of milk with 6 cloves of garlic, salt, pepper and parsley to taste, simmered until creamy. I of course picked out the obvious! Bon appetite!

Now for some cold hard facts because I've been on the killing viruses mission - I've learned viruses can live up to 3 hours after leaving your nasal passage! (EW) The first few days are the most contagious! OK - we're on day 9! There is more then 200 different viruses that can start a cold! A sneeze can travel over 100 miles per hour! No wonder why I feel like I'm slapped in my face constantly around here! AND of course washing your hands is the best prevention!
Now for my husband, "Man-Flu is not "just a cold". It is a condition so severe that the germs from a single Man-Flu sneeze could wipe out entire tribes of people living in the rain forest. And probably loads of monkeys too!" - Kim Ayres
No wonder why we're on day 9! My husband will be happy confined to his garage, after all - he brought it home and cares to differ! My cream of salad will cure him for sure!

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