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Monday, April 30, 2012

Sexual Health for K to Grade 3

I know with this post there will be several different opinions about this topic. I also want to write that I do believe children should learn about themselves, their sexuality and the boundaries between one another. I also believe that it should be by the discretion within a timely decision depending on the mentality of your own child. I don't believe the public school system should take it upon themselves to teach kindergarten to grade three students without the consent of their parents any forms of sexuality. So my husband and I agreed to keep our children home from school because of what was being taught last Friday. Although today (Monday) they came home with this first picture above. A drawing of a little girl in her bathing suit with her private parts named. Not only named but in my opinion named incorrectly. If I wanted to teach my kindergartner the private part names, I wouldn't have chosen "vulva" and "anus" for example. The first picture above is an example drawn by someone other then a child, nor my child. This came home for an example so they can finish their sexuality project. They are suppose to draw themselves in a bathing suit, circle and name their private parts. So the second and third picture above is the finished project our six and seven year old sons are handing in. I understand completely about early awareness but I don't believe this should be taken away from the parent to do it appropriately the way they want to handle it and when. Once again, our parental rights have been taken away and now our children believe their mouths are a private part. Perhaps but seriously? Our seven year old came home and drew pubic hair all over his own private parts. Is it actually healthy to learn this early when mentally they're already struggling? Did we need this as a family now? I personally don't think so. There was no respect about beliefs, about cognitive delays and definitely no respect for the parents basically pushing sexuality on our children without consent. During this education program they did learn the "Five Principles" Quoted from Sexual Health Right From the Start 1. Sexual knowledge is healthy and increases abuse resistance. 2. Children are born ignorant of sexual knowledge, but they are active learners from birth on (provide age-appropriate info) 3. Factual knowledge about the topic of sexuality is vast and growing constantly and it is easily accessed in multiple ways in society. 4. Sexual knowledge is powerful (healthier decisions and delay sexual activity) 5. Sexuality is an essential part of life and sexual knowledge is essential to a responsible life. "Dimensions of Sexuality" 1. Who we are: Identity 2. How we experience our bodies: development 3. What we stand for: Values 4. How we care for ourselves and others: Health. "Intimacy" Learning about yourself and others as sexual people - is the part that "sticks" and that's really real, because it's the part that's experienced. It's the part that affects how we see ourselves and other people, how we think, how we feel, what we value, how we relate, how we communicate and make decisions. Our children came home with all this information...........It's confusing to our six year old. Apparently a five year old should be taught that they came from the mommy's uterus....quote "Where you grew for 9 months, there is another special organ called the vagina. The vagina is a connecting place between the uterus and the outside, and it has an opening between mommy's legs. When you were ready to be born, mom's uterus pushed you through the vagina until you came through the opening" mmmm......ok then a six year old suddenly asks, "How did I get there in the first place?" Sexual health right from the start quotes "inside daddy's body there are tiny little objects called sperm, located in his testicles (2 ball shaped organs) that are inside a sac behind the penis. Inside mom's body, near the uterus there are different tiny cells called egg cells (ova) that are kept in the ovaries. When a sperm from a man comes together with an egg from a woman, that's called fertilization. Step 2, "How did they get together?" Nature designed male and female bodies to be able to fit together like puzzle pieces. When the bodies fit together, the sperm and egg can find one another. Step 3. "How exactly do they do that?" Quote "Dad had a penis and Mom has a vagina. Man's penis goes inside the woman's vagina (man's penis gets stiff) this is called sexual intercourse. Sperm come out of the end of the penis and swim farther inside the woman's body, sperm meets up with the egg, egg travels to the uterus where it will grow for the next 9 months. - Now with writing all this, I don't know what was presented at the school nor do our children because they didn't attend. I could be slightly ignorant to what was taught although this is what they brought home. As their Mother I don't want them to be ashamed of their sexuality or embarrassed on how and where they came from but again us parents should decide on when and how it will be explained. Maybe it's just me.............I just can't comprehend why this was added for Kindergarten to Grade 3 students in a school setting without consent. I understand the concept behind it but not for my children at age six and as their Mother, I have the right to teach them in the comfort of our own home. At least I thought. More likely this material was for us parents, to teach us on how to teach our children but a project drawing yourself in a bathing suit and labeling your private parts at school? I knew I should have raised children centuries ago, I must be completely old fashioned because I just don't agree.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Quality time with "Noises Off"

Today I spent the day with my Mother. It was her birthday last week and I treated her to a day in Chemainus. We started off wandering the streets and revisiting all the little shops. This is a beautiful little town that my Mother loves. It was my day to spoil her but she spoiled me! She's so sweet and an excellent Grandma to our children. (Our children have been blessed with many wonderful Grandparents and family members) We then had brunch and watched the live production of "Noises Off" It was hilarious! I wouldn't suggest bringing children to this show but if you're looking for a night out, this is the show to see. You will laugh until you're crying. It's a English comedy with tangled love lines, missed cues and lost hope. A stage that everything goes hilariously wrong. My Mom was asking me for a tissue she was laughing so hard, everyone in the building seemed out of control with knee slapping laughter. It was great. I can't express enough that live theatre productions are uniquely the best. At one point I thought to myself about acting like this at home, I wondered how that would go over.....?......I keep telling our children don't be afraid to be who you are, don't be afraid of peoples opinions and judgements of you, act. Enjoy drama, get into theatre. Dance and sing. Direct your silliness into plays, jump into role playing and have fun. I would love to watch some of our children on stage. Anyways, this is almost a repeated post from the last time we went to the theatre so moving on, today was another good day. Mostly because I was able to spend a day with someone I love, my Mother. There is nothing more important then family. It's the quality of time spent. I love making memories, spending time with people I love - that's the gift that means the most. There's a one time event, "Shake, Rattle n Roll" happening at the Chemainus Theatre in June, they're celebrating their 20th season. I'm thinking on surprising my husband to this performance. He loves the 1950's! I also wrote in a previous post that there is a production called, "Animal Tales" with participation kidzplay that I would like to take our children too. In fact I'm starting to believe that season passes for Christmas would be nicer then broken toys the next day and suggesting to our comical children to think about performing arts. What a fun life that would be! I don't know what our children's futures hold but I hope to be the director just a "tiny bit" To conclude, "Happy Belated Birthday Mom" I love having the opportunities to spend days like these with you! We should all take more time to cherish moments together..............

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Little piece of earth

I am addicted. Every day for one hour I hike up Notch hill, a little mountain that looks over three separate communities. I usually have two or three children with me. These are some pictures from today, it was slightly raining but when it was pouring yesterday it was rejuvenating. My word for Notch hill is rejuvenating! The middle picture above is some of the terrain along this little piece of earth. The above picture is at the top of this mini mountain of someones burial. Regardless if it's someones pet, a bird or ashes from someone it's a place where I've taught our children to respect and honor that life. They do not step in nor around it. Regardless of why the circle was made, there is still a meaningful history. I often make Inuksuks, it's a stone landmark. It represents human figures and could have many meanings attached behind why it was built. For me, it helps develop patience, stability and it's left untouched for others to know we've been there. Sometimes we will put our first names on the rocks before stacking and building our family unit. If I ever see our children attempting to touch any art form built and left behind, I quickly intervene and explain why. Every time we're at the top we will sit next to this burial, look around at our panoramic views and appreciate life. It doesn't matter who we are nor the amount of money we have, we need to appreciate our lives, our little pieces of earth and love who's close to us as for tomorrow it could resemble something completely different. We just heard tonight about a young man, twenty three years old suffering an aneurysm. Someone our oldest daughter once knew. So I do have an's teaching my children to be compassionate, to appreciate and love each other. To live. I smile as I know some might think I'm crazy, perhaps too deep and ones that don't know me, possibly reading my blogs that are sporadic, grammarly incorrect and off the wall with inside humor must question but I am "real" regardless what judgements come my way. Now that was a full sentence! lol Some of my posts can be redundant and that I apologise for although I can't express enough to take notice in absolutely everything, the tiny sprouting weeds to truly enjoying our surroundings which means nature and people. If you don't already do that now, try it. You will have this sudden peace enter your body.........believe me I was very frustrated today with the botched dog mess of our income taxes and when I hiked up Notch hill I was rejuvenated and feeling peaceful. I'm honored and thankful for the existence of all life. Monday we will spread another peddled flower around this potential burial because it's not only actively showing respect, I want whoever that initially built it to know its presence has made a difference by educating our children the importance on life, on death, to honor and appreciate.  

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jillian Michaels moved us!

Today has been very exciting. My littlest daughter and I after occupational therapy went to buy her a bike! It needs a little modification but it will be perfect for her! She picked out her own helmet and horn. It was so cute and she was so happy. Her Daddy is building it tonight! Then after dinner, eight of our children and myself were working out to Jillian Michaels. She is one of the toughest trainers reaching big results. So we plugged in her exercise DVD and tried her 3-2-1 interval system for strength, cardio, abs then a cool down. It was so cute watching our little guys workout. Little push ups and falling over during leg stretches - just cute! I'm impressed with most of our children wanting to climb stairs, hike hills, mountains and even run with me. Their motivation is astonishing. It could be competition but whatever drives them to exercise it's a great beginning and hopefully not an end. One of my sons argued he could finish a full circuit with weights and he really gave it a try. Our littlest daughter was so excited she was rolling around in her adapted chair with her arms up, when we stretched our legs, she stretched and grabbed her feet! Our littlest daughter has grown with speech and mobility. She has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy with cognitive delays and is so amazing. Her personality is beautiful, she's happy and she's now rolling from her stomach to her back and sitting up! She has determination, loves mobility and speed! So Jillian Michaels is right up her alley. Of course with her new bike she will be fully assisted and I believe that every individual should experience everything if they desire too. We were born to live and whatever that looks like for all of us, that's what we should do. Swim, bike, hike, jump, run, dance, sing, ski............laugh and enjoy each and every day. We do.....even in our living room with Jillian!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Plan,plan,plan then leap! Cures anxiety.....

Ok, so I have a question. Does anybody else get anxiety with the May and June months? I feel with the year ending, graduation planning, completely behind with our camping trailer and lacking that organization I do have with everything, loosing paperwork, scrambling around trying to please everyone including birth families is giving me not only high energy, it's developing some anxiety! We have birth family that want us to go up North this summer, we don't know what's happening with our extended family, we have more birth family that want us to either visit or entertain. Don't get me wrong, I like to please and I understand the more people (family) loving our children is great but just would be nice to just be us. When we first started adopting I didn't think we would have so many different dynamics but as years pass life changes and swivels in several directions. It's forever changing. This summer is yet another BIG change as we've been informed that our oldest and second oldest sons' are moving. Another milestone in life having three adult children. I've learned to take a few steps back, and accept their decisions. Definitely a different role while raising the rest of our children until their turn. Now, our usual crowd is "only ten" children. So I've been thinking ahead on all the best paths to take and I hope (myself) is making right choices too!

Now here's my answer to everything........send a plane ticket for one birth family member from up North to come here for a few days! Grampa will be on his way - maybe! Travel only half way to see the remainder of our other Grandparents, birth parents and previous foster homes - maybe! Perhaps meet my sister in law and her family somewhere in the middle - maybe! The rest of the time camp in our half gutted unfinished trailer and smile because we'll still be covered, warm and happy to be parked in the middle of no where - done! The rest of our time will be day trips with more camping and boating while some of our children are at camps of their own - totally done! Now my biggest answer to anxiety is leap!

Not only did I leap, I went upside down dangling my arms on the longest zipline in Canada! One highlight after practicing first aid along wet cold trails! But to contradict myself, there is benefits to leaping without a plan as it can be surprisingly successful. I'm also known as being completely spontanious! Whatever works, take the plunge! Now I'm going to plunge into massive piles of clothing to donate...........more likely find a shitzu and possibly a child underneath! Perhaps start a clothing dance party like throwing leaves high into the sky catching underwear with our ears............sounds less sticky then a marshmellow war blown out plumbing pipes!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Been busy"

I haven't written in awhile, a week is a long time for me. A few reasons, just busy and not wanting to write about anything, secondly my blog has changed its format that upset me some because I'm a creature of habit. Simplistic and comfortable my blog was, now it's taking me sometime to catch on its new look for composing. Our weekend was busy. Today is now Tuesday and it was busy. May is now approaching us which is developing "some" anxiety to get our camping trailer ready. Not the loading up and going part, more like ripping the whole front end out and rebuilding it from rot. One nice touch is we're adding bunk beds. I've been feeling slightly swamped with paperwork (files and files) of diagnoses and designations for homeschooling in September. What's frustrating is one box is completely missing. I attend to over organize! I will say with prompts from a friend, I have six children registered for summer camps this year! They get to leave for one week each with friends! I'm planning ahead! One huge task on my list of accomplishments is piling all our children's clothes in a heap, sifting through everything and cleaning out. We have too much. My Mom once told me that children don't need piles and piles of clothing. It's completely true because once I have the laundry done and put away, we never see the bottom of a dresser drawer. We are already washing and wearing. So time to sift through! Other then that............I haven't disappeared! In fact I'm multi-tasking right now while dinner, changed a bumb, wiped the floor, I have three children on time-outs and believe it or not...........cutting hair and bathing our children! Thinking about tomorrow, our week and months to follow! Texting my teenagers (perfect way to communicate it seems) and replying to forty two emails! Yeah! And honestly this isn't a complaint, I love it.....................and I'm back from hibernation.

Monday, April 16, 2012

"Happy Parent"

It's been a productive few days! I love days where everything I want to accomplish happens! Today I was worried at the beginning because my motivation was low. Then I began. What helps for me is a list to tackle. If I've accomplished everything on the list, it's been a successful day! For example, yesterday my list looked like this: 1. Take back McDonald juice containers 2. Return the Easter bunny 3. Get groceries at Costco and Superstore 4. Buy dog food 5. Go to the bank 6. Finish all the laundry 7. Make lunches & dinner 8. Bath all our children 9. Therapy for our youngest daughter 10. Go for a run with one son- 30 minutes  Check! Today was Monday, most Monday's I will bake. 1. Bake 2. Finish paperwork 3. Make two dinners (one for weekend) 4. Make lunches. 5. Do more laundry 6. Hike Notch hill with two sons - one hour. 7. Clean up vomit 8. Bath one of our children because they decided to stick their head into the toilet 9. Vacuum 10. Blog about it! Check! Now in between my list there is of course interaction with our children, my husband when I see him, organizing different appointments for our week, helping with homework, doing dishes, checking emails know what it's like! I don't sit down until 8pm. Even then, I'm up and down like a yo yo! But I'm not complaining, I actually love being busy, I love multi-tasking and I'm back to my fitness at least one hour a day. I've been back to the stairs, 1404 steps a few days ago, last night I ran 4 km and today Notch hill! Basically switching it up. You're probably wondering why I'm writing about any of this and it's because I'm an example of loosing motivation. I can't express enough to awake and get cracking. Push through that sluggish feeling and start off writing a list. Then don't stop until it's finished. I will guarantee after your day is done, you will feel good. On that list, always have something for yourself. If it's not hiking or running, reading a few chapters in a book or finishing a craft that's been sitting there forever. You know; I love my family, my children and my life but I'm really happy when I get one hour a day. Periodically I get a weekend for First aid and hiking combined throughout the year. My husband's solitude is his garage. So whatever it is - make sure you take that time for yourself. One thing I won't loose is myself while raising a family. It makes for a happy parent! We can do it all! My day is even longer tomorrow...........and what doesn't get done tomorrow, will get done the next day. I can count on that!

"I know the price of success: dedication, hard work, and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen" - Frank Wright.

"Be there for others, but never leave yourself behind" - Dodinsky.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


The Easter Potluck was another success! Approximately a dozen families attended, there was a nice selection of foods, the Easter bunny came and went throughout the evening and it was a beautiful day for an Easter hunt! The bouncing castle was one of the highlights, there was a craft table and tons of door prizes! I can't express enough how important it is to connect as an adoptive community. Speaking for our children they love the interaction with their friends developed through other families. We will continue hosting events as long as we have the families attending, the next event will be in December with Santa! I would like to thank everyone that helped set up, helped throughout the event and helped clean afterwords! We appreciate it very much! AFABC has been supplying funding for the hall twice a year, Peninsula Co-op has been sponsoring most events with supplying door prizes and other goodies. We also received donations towards the bouncing castle and the Easter bunny rental. I would personally like to say, "Thankyou so much for participating and helping make these events possible!"

As his Mother, I'm very proud of our oldest son donating his time to be the Easter bunny, he was great and while running from children on the field, I really should have taped that for a you-tube moment! (It was very funny)  And a special "Thankyou" to my Father and Mother for traveling and attending these events, helping and being so proactive with all their grandchildren! Thankyou so much for being supportive Grandparents! I know our children appreciate it very much!

It warms my heart to know that so many people are involved in one form or another and it's for our and all your children. Thankyou.

"Your children will see what you're all about by what you live rather than what you say" - Wayne Dyer.

"We were born to unite with our fellow men, and to join in community with the human race" - Cicero

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"A planned surprise!"

April 10th I extended our long weekend for three of our sons. We ventured to Victoria for the day where our sons enjoyed walking the board walk, the downtown streets with all the little shops and we entered the Parliament Building then had a buffet Chinese dinner. I wanted to create a memorable day. Normally my answer is "No" but on this day it was "Yes" We walked by the 7/11 where they indulged in huge slurpee's, they found their own memorable item for their bedrooms with their names on it. Then the biggest surprise happened! After dinner I explained I wanted to go to this big Save On warehouse (Save On Memorial) We stood in this massive line-up and one of my sons stated, "There must be a huge sale in there!" It was huge alright, it was the Johnny Reid concert! Johnny Reid just started his world tour and he is my favorite singer! So of course I benefited from this experience too! Once inside a lady asked my sons if they were Johnny Reid fans..........they looked puzzled. Of course they were wondering where this huge sale was. Then I burst their bubbles! You're going to a concert! Technically it's not their type of music although once the concert started it was incredible! They loved it! Johnny Reid engaged with his fans by coming out into the crowd, he was only steps away. On three separate occasions he invited some other children on his stage where they danced and sang with him. There was fire, lights, confetti and multiple screen shows! His opener was Carolyn Don Johnson who has albums released and commonly is played on JR.FM 93.7. Their next concert is playing in Vancouver this Saturday! Our sons danced, clapped and started yelling, "We love you Johnny!" It was really cool. Beside us was this single woman that resembled my Mother. She was sitting by herself because she couldn't sit with her daughters. We quickly became friends during the concert and she moved in between me and one of my sons. During one song (Today I'm going to try and change the world) I wrapped my arm around her, she layed her head on my shoulder and it was just a moment where strangers instantly connected. I loved her. I thought she was a beautiful person. You know how you just know or have a feeling about somebody? That was my moment with her. After the concert I thanked her, I even stated to her daughters later....."I love your Mom" Then we departed ways. I enjoyed being with my sons all day. There was moments where they were teasing each other and it was getting on my nerves but for the majority of our day together it was good. I had some giggles that didn't go away simply counting the number of times one of my sons was yanking up his zipper.........just silly things that can humor me at times. We didn't get home until after midnight so I'm sure they're tired but they definitely are talking about it! A memory they'll never forget!

On Johnny Reid's last closing song we sang all together, "May the sun shine on your shoulders, may love and luck be your friends, for now, always, forever, 'till we meet again..........." You rock Johnny Reid and yes, we do love you!

I posted just below this post...... "Today I'm going to try and change the world lyrics" Words to live by!

Johnny Reid - Today I'm Gonna Try and Change the World (Lyrics)

Monday, April 9, 2012

We are not machines!

Without getting too personal, I have been having some health issues lately so I've decided to change my lifestyle. Interesting creatures we takes our health to be compromised before making the decision to change. The reason why I decided to share is because I caution, "Don't wait, make a few changes now" For me, I have been living with an ongoing infection, anemia and osteopenia. I have been living daily feeling the way I do for a long time, eventually it becomes the normal. Then one day we break down because we're not machines. I have had some time off from exercising but proudly this week I've hiked three times with several of our children that can keep up! I've been on medication for this infection for weeks that causes different side effects. Which is "Ok" - whatever. I've been talking with several different naturopathic doctors and also extensively researching. Us woman and men need to maintain ourselves with help especially as we age. Believe me I wasn't a huge believer on vitamins but now I'm a chronic vitamin inhaler. I did tell myself this is the year for health when I had my last birthday! So I'm going to share some of the daily vitamins and minerals I'm taking and I truly believe everyone should be doing the same thing. It doesn't hurt you...............In the morning I start off with "Morning Rise & Shine"

As seen above, it's a lemon, organic aloe and alkaline mineral drink. A healthy way to start your day! We need the valuable alkaline and minerals in our bodies. Alkaline is very important for maintaining your health, increasing strength and building a stronger immune system. Just one rounded scoop per day in 500 ml of water. Next in the morning I take my palafer, folic acid, B12 and vitamin D.

With folic acid, the human body needs folate to repair damaged DNA. I remember taking folic acid when I was pregnant to protect from birth deformities but did you know folic acid helps protect from heart disease, reduces the risk of strokes and I've heard that the shortage of folate in our system could develop depression. For me, I take the folic acid and B12 because it helps to produce red blood cells and to treat anemia, a booster for the palafer. Vitamin D is not only great for myself but perfect to give to your children, once a day because it's a factor in the normal development and maintenance of bones and teeth, and helps in the absorption and use of the calcium and phosphorus. Believe me my bones and teeth are transparent! A few years ago when I found out that I had osteopenia in my spine I was told to start taking "Bone Basics" Bone Basics I recommend for everyone. Osteopenia also is a condition that can be reversed with the help of vitamins and diet.

Bone Basics supports your bone health.

Next is the "Ultimate Flora" There is 50 billion cultures per capsule. Probiotics provide the friendly bacteria that live in our bodies. Did you know that Probiotics means life? Everyone should be taking Probiotics. It helps with the control of candida, bowel disorders, it helps our bodies digest fats and proteins, it detoxes our digestive track and feeds our intestinal lining keeping it healthy.

Basically, you should be taking "Ultimate Flora" or a Probiotic if you have a weak immune system, respiratory infections, food or respiratory allergies, bowel disorders, skin problems and definitely if you travel. OH and if you suffer from yeast infections of any kind, including athletes foot, jock itch and nail fungus. Mmmm.....our bodies are a complicated package to look after! (Almost disgusting) Anyways moving on, last but not least at night I have a "Calm" tea.

It's a powder and I only take 1 tsp in hot water. Only add a small amount of hot water first as it fizzes like crazy. Then add the rest of the water once it settles. Sorry my picture is sideways but it's a magnesium citrate powder that tastes like raspberry and lemon. I started taking this after having some hip issues. If you have any soreness, muscle aches and problems sleeping because of it, take Calm. It promotes maintenance of good health, helps your body to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins, helps in the maintenance of bones and teeth, tissue formation and maintains proper muscle functions. I don't recommend taking 2 tsp or more because it could cause diarrhea I found out!

So there you have it.........I more likely bored you, you probably don't think it's necessary to take any supplements but I encourage it. I was honestly that person that went from year to year living and believing life feels that way. I'm not a doctor of any kind, just someone learning to live healthier. I'm changing with age, I appreciate life and I want to live. I'm an active mother, we're an active family and not only am I changing for myself, my children see it, therefore they can change to a healthier lifestyle younger.

And guess what? If you don't eat your vegetables and greens like my husband, take "Vital Greens" It's a liquid boost of essential green nutrients. You just take 15 ml once a day. My husband is taking this believe it or not! (He is just a meat and potato man) Again, everyone needs energy, to feel and be healthy........there's no harm in trying if you doubt your health. My husband now jokes, "I take a shooter a day of Vital Greens!"

Sunday, April 8, 2012

We get around!

Our weekend consisted of short hour hikes, quading, beach combing, Easter baskets, an Easter hunt, a birthday party, night at the movies and a huge feast!

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend!

Remember next weekend, April 14th is the Easter Potluck Party from 3pm-8pm! Please bring a bag for each child to attend the Easter hunt and a dish to share! I'm looking forward to seeing you!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

In the middle

We were sitting in the middle of everything today. One of my sons and my two loyal buddies (Ying and Wilbur) went on a small hike. The weather is making myself antsy for the outdoor experience! I've slowed down because of some physical issues but nothing will stop me from where I feel most peaceful. Before we left, I left my cellphone at home. I'm getting into the habit of eliminating technology that can potentially ruin my peaceful atmosphere. Once we reached the top, my son and I sat down over looking the ocean, the vehicles passing and different communities below us. We were surrounded with the silhouette of mountain peaks, our far left side looked like rain and our far right looked bright with blue skies. The clouds circled us above and beside us we watched a young eagle soar flawless. "We were in the middle of everything", I explained to our son. We were sitting on soft green moss listening to the birds sing to each other and breathing in the air filled with fresh clean oxygen. I closed my eyes, took long deep breaths and that's all I needed to feel happy, peaceful and alive............

For the weekend we're planning many outdoor activities with our children including attending several Easter hunts. We will be celebrating one of our daughters' 12th birthday! Sunday I will be making a huge Easter dinner! Then I will be slipping away at one point to start hot yoga. Hot yoga is yoga exercises (stretching) under hot and humid conditions. Yoga increases your flexibility which should help me! I'm excited! Decades ago I completed the beginner course in Hatha yoga which was hard enough. So I will sweat buckets!

"I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order" - John Burroughs"

"Regardless on what anyone believes about the creation of nature, one fact;  it was created for us to enjoy" - Me.

Happy Easter & "enjoy" your long weekend!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Our oldest is 22!

This past weekend we had some friends over for dinner, I spent way too much money on groceries and I took our oldest daughter out for her 22nd Birthday dinner. I can't believe when I started having children it was twenty two years ago! This post is dedicated to our oldest daughter. Twenty two years ago she changed my life. She was this beautiful baby girl with light blond curly hair. I remember she was a lot like me when I was a child, a tom boy! (I'm not sure if she'll agree) But it's true! Wearing jeans, playing outdoors and helping defenseless injured animals! When I was in grade seven I found an injured crow on my lunch hour. I captured it with my coat, brought it back to school and stuck it in my locker. My intentions were good, I wanted to bring this crow home after school and nurse it back to health. Although my plan back fired because I was called down to the principle office and was asked, "What is that noise coming from your locker?" I remember walking down the hallway with the principle (clearly not happy) and released the bird from it's temporarily solitude! Now our oldest daughter around the same age attempted to rescue a little pretty bird outside our home. I wasn't aware of anything until weeks later! One day I was going through her dresser drawers, eliminating clothes that didn't fit her anymore. I stumbled across little bones, bits of fur covered in maggots! It was one of the grossest sights back then! The whole dresser was replaced and when we questioned her about our findings her only response was, "The bird was hurt, I was saving him!" A few years later she was heavily into "Spice girls"

She entered a Spice girls contest! This above picture is the genuine Spice Girls group and our daughter was Ginger Spice. Ginger Spice is the lady in red on her knees. My husband made her platform shoes from a block of wood, screwed on to her running shoes painted black. Imagine her walking in those?! When the Spice Girls had a reunion tour, our daughter went to the Spice Girls concert as they were one of her fondest memories! Our daughter stopped riding a bicycle because there was one time she flew over the handlebars and one handlebar went into her groin. I remember even for myself how horrible that was at the hospital. Our oldest daughter had the biggest tantrums. I remember there was a time she rolled all over our driveway, kicking and screaming but otherwise she was someone who resembled myself. Someone who loved the outdoors, loved camping and had a heart for smaller creatures then herself. lol She has grown in many ways. She is beautiful, extremely intelligent in her third year of University and has been developing that compassion I constantly write about that I hope all our children genuinely carry within themselves for ALL others. When we first started adopting I know it was hard for our oldest daughter to accept other siblings, especially sisters. It took years but eventually I witnessed times where there was sister bonding. I remember sitting on my bed with my two oldest daughters and I would have the popcorn made watching Greys Anatomy. (There is always moments to reflect back on) Regardless on what they believe or think now, we had many, many wonderful years. Now our oldest daughter speaks fondly of her forever growing family and has developed much love for her siblings. She's a young woman heading places, career driven, interested in traveling and we have no worries she will be a very successful woman throughout her life. I feel honored to be her Mother and I'm at peace within my heart knowing she will have a great life ahead of her. I also thank her (being our oldest) accepting and appreciating us after twenty two years of growth, change and different trials. On Sunday night I took her out for her birthday dinner, she chose the Firehouse Grill. We had Miyagi Magic Prawns for an appetizer located above. It was excellent! Served with kimchi, rice with beet and green garnishes. She ordered the seared tuna called "Black and Blue" rubbed in ginger, garlic and coffee. I had a dish called, "Love me tender" A sushi dish consisting of tempura prawns, avocado, sweet potato rolled in soy paper. The soy paper resembled eggs. Mine was "Ok" I wouldn't order it again because I'm more of a spice, flavors and full of taste person but if you're looking for something more bland, order "Love me tender" lol After dinner we went to Starbucks where we both added an app to our phones called "Draw something" A game where you can play online strangers from all over the world or add your own friends. You draw a picture and they have to guess what it is with the letters provided, then it's your turn. Like charades or pictionary but online with your phone. I've never done this before but it's fun if you're sitting doing nothing. lol (Not sure about my time) All in all - It was a good evening with her.........."Happy 22nd Birthday!" and have fun in Mexico you lucky beach bumb! You deserve it after concentrating on full time studies and juggling two jobs! Plus you saved for your own vacation - good for you! I'm one proud Mother!