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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The time

During the course of today I managed to make dozens and dozens of cabbage rolls while slipping out accomplishing my mastered amount of stairs of 2,340 with 100 tricep dips in the rain with a broken toe! (Each step had a interesting throb to it!) I write "mastered" because I can finish that amount, it doesn't mean easily! "We aren't made of sugar", I always tell our children and the rain can serve another purpose - keeping you cool especially while stair climbing! I have a friend that has many children, (more then me) a job that keeps her busy daily, and she's agreed to try the stairs next week. That's when my mind started twirling with an idea. I often state that we all need support and motivation help from others. The hardest part of any exercise is putting on the running shoes. Believe me, I lack motivation regardless on what my blog writes. I need to constantly remind myself that I should go and tackle the dreaded stairs, I should run when I can on my treadmill.......I should not eat that salty bag of dill pickle chips (because that is one of my favorites) Like anything, it's a dedication. This one dedication is for myself and there is always time to do it somewhere in that busy schedule of ours! SO my brainwave recently questioned, "Why not put the vibe out there for other adoptive parents to meet once a week to climb stairs!?" There will be two benefits to this idea, one - you're meeting other adoptive parents, two - you have support working out! I'm already in the process of stair climbing and I can rearrange my schedule to accommodate others. Interested? I know it doesn't sound to appetising but why not? I believe there will be a email coming out through AFABC soon and through here you can contact me. Funny, the picture above looks like we're running away from our children!

 I also have a surprise for some of our middle children...... I will be taking them to a concert! I'm just not writing which one until we've gone! Building memories is so much fun! Now that we're into February and spring is approaching fast, all I can think about is summer. Camping, boating, quading, you name it - we'll be doing it! This May it will be one year since our adoption placement, amazing how time moves......that's why our lives should never be dull and memories should be made. "Know how to live the time that is given to you" - Dario Fo.

"A life-long blessing for children is to fill them with warm memories of times together. Happy memories becomes treasures in the heart to pull you out on the tough days of adulthood" - Charlotte Davis Kasl

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