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Monday, June 27, 2011

A swinging good time

I bet you thought you've read everything? A friend of ours gave us an idea of having a swing inside our house! Our new daughter loves to swing! We were given a five point harness swing that we're using outside. So my husband decided to hang this orange home depot racing roadster swing in our house. It's hanging in between our kitchen and our living room. So not only can she roll around on her rolling chair or bumb scoot (whatever she prefers) she can swing while watching tree house or watching her Mommy making dinner! It's bolted in where the beam went up weeks ago. We are unsure if it will become a permanent fixture or not but for right now, she loves it! She loves it to the point where she screams for it! (Oops) My husband......I write about him a lot. More then he cares to know! He's still sick, his swelling has spread into his hand, he's fevered, he should be going back to the hospital BUT while sweating underneath a blanket, he decides to hang a swing. That's my husband. My husband and I can't swing anymore, we find it stomach turning. Although the motion of swinging demonstrates certain therapeutic benefits. It promotes movement, balance and awareness with sensory. When I watch our daughter she's using her gross motor skills involving both her hands and feet. She's moving the trunk of her body back and forth. Really developing strength all over. I am not a professional although I really believe that strength is the key to successful walking. Since our daughter has been placed with us, she's become mobile (bumb scooting) and that's not only from stimulation around her, it's because she has the freedom without confinement. For example, for weeks I was using her bath support. (I still do) BUT not always. When I know I can be 100% focused on her bathing, she baths freely. Bathing freely for her is like swimming. In a previous post I referred to swimming like flying. I think it's important to accomplish movement naturally. I've been finding that when our daughter cries or asks, "Up, up" immediately she will be picked up. I've been trying something new. I've been asking her to come to me. Not only will she come, when she gets there she has the biggest smile on her face! To me, that smile is saying, "I did it!" It's confidence! The cutest little confidence giggle we see is when she closes her eyes, giggles and shakes her right leg! Another really interesting attribute the swing provides is speech. Believe it or not, when our daughter is swinging she talks a mile a minute loudly! Now we just need a swinging wheelchair so she won't scream while being confined because we've confirmed swinging is a good time!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Where did the time go!?

This is our dog Wilbur when we brought him home two years ago. I was looking through older pictures and noticed the changes in all of us. It reminded me that time has no mercy. If we don't make the best of our time while we have it, we'll look back and question, "Where did the time go?" "I should of done this.....?" I often feel guilty for working too much. I'm not working out of our home anymore although just my daily chores, laundry, baking, cleaning and cooking can take endless hours out of one day. I wonder if our children will remember their Mother being in the kitchen while they grew up!? My husband and I do spend quality time daily, we always have activities happening during our weekends and throughout summer although for me looking back on past pictures, it's like a blur questioning, "When was that? Where did the time go?" I remember being in grade five, being a teenager, having my babies then adopting and now I want life to slow down. One thing I'm afraid of is not remembering anything. I would love to live healthy well into my nineties and remember my past raising our children. I have this feeling that I will suffer from memory loss, I could be drooling and institutionalized. My children won't come and see me, perhaps I won't know who they are?! Which makes me question myself on how we're doing things. Marcia Wieder quotes, "It's how we spend our time here and now, that really matters. If you are fed up with the way you have come to interact with time, change it" I have been very routined and organized all my life. I've written on how routine works really well having a large family. It does. Except once in awhile instead of looking at the clock and making sure we're meeting the 7pm bedtime, why not read another book!? Dinner around here is always between 5pm and 5:30pm sharp at the dinner table in our arranged seating spots. I'm starting to think about surprising our children with a 7pm dinner eating nachos on the living room floor! I really think when it comes to memory, it has to be memorable. My memory is horrible and when I think about my past, I can only remember key events. So what do I want our children to remember? Honestly I hope when they're grown up with children of their own they can look back and say, "My Mom and Dad were fun" Right now I'm not sure how much fun we are......because every day there's a schedule to follow, a routine; we have to come home or quit what we're doing because it's a certain time. My husband always comments to me, "Oh oh it's almost 11pm, you turn into a pumpkin after 11!" It's true. I'm watching the clock and if I'm not in bed before or at 11pm I'm breaking my own routine! Time is precious and it's moving too quickly. I'm so glad that it's officially summer where we can now relax with our time. I really want to concentrate on more quality. The dust keeps coming back, the laundry will keep piling and it'll be there at midnight when I surprise my husband that I don't turn into a pumpkin after all while folding laundry! Another element that I can get stuck focusing on is challenging events in our life. It can shadow everything and everyone because I like to correct the problem before moving on. So I've decided to preach to myself to do the best I can, then step out of the equation. Having a large family, even having two children, you have to spread yourself equally. I love quotes because they are simple reminders to keep me on track. Richard H. Nelson wrote, "Never let yesterday use up today" I love this statement because everyday should be a fresh new start. Yes yesterday was completely embarrassing ripping my skirt straight up my backside while trying to load groceries but today I'm in the comfort of my own home with my pants on! Groceries are put away and I really didn't pay attention to who was behind me I'm moving on. Tomorrow is a new day. A day I'm looking forward too because it's Friday, the bedtime routine is relaxed and the weekend is here! So remember while inside you might be cringing over a challenging teenager or on the flip side, receiving a hug with "I love yous" that moment just past. Embrace the time you have with your family because if you're not asking now, you will ask, "Where did the time go!?"

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Are you going to be "Ok" when I'm gone?"

I just giggle at such a question (of course I am) but it's been awkwardly different around here. People always question on how we function as a large family. My only answer is, "We're used to it" I've also been caught asking other families how they do things. (I should know better) They are used to their life too. For the past few days my husband and four of our children have been gone on a school camping trip. I am used to our numbers and it's actually easier for me to add to our family then to take away. During dinner I automatically prepare ten plates and I always leave our older children to prepare their own. For the past couple of nights I have to think. Four less plates? AND that makes what? It's been quiet. I think it's because my husbands gone. Funny, when he was packing up to leave, he was worried if I was going to take out the garbage or not. It's a daily chore of his and I questioned, "Why does it matter?" Of course I've been taking out the garbage. That should of been the least of his worries. While he's been gone we went out for dinner, I went shopping and it's been fantastic! I still had pediatrician appointments, teenagers and two of our children skipped school because they stayed home with me! My husband seems to think I'm the strict Mother around here (I am) but there is times where life can slide from routine even for me. So here I sit, writing and watching "Hall pass" a movie I rented while leaving the dishes in the sink. My faithful friend Wilbur and I are eating popcorn. Then we're going to bed peacefully with no late night disruptions because my husband isn't coming in from the garage at 2am! I'm not complaining but I'm enjoying my two night, three day independent lifestyle! Although I really needed him this morning when our son vomited all over the kitchen floor! I thought for sure the flu was starting but it was only a one time deal. (Thank goodness) Having the flu at our house is like a two week pandemic ordeal! Now that Wednesday is here we can get back to our normal because even though it's nice to be independently alone, adult conversation is a must! My advice, don't rent the movie "Hall pass" I turned it off. It's not funny. (Maybe it's a guy movie) I should of watched "Eat, Pray, Love" instead! I wonder when I'm gone with our children for days, for weeks, what my husband thinks? Now I have to ask him............all I know, it's not the same when even one of us is missing.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A tribute to parents

My father is a character. In fact I'm a lot like him. We can be "jokers" in a serious kind of way. When I call him I usually ask, "What's for dinner?" "because we're coming, ALL sixteen of us!" My father was and is very important to me. When my parents divorced I wanted to live with my father but I missed my Mother too much. I was definitely torn. I always joke that if I was born a boy, I would have my Fathers name, Gary. Being born a girl I was named "Carrie" after my father. (At least I always thought so) Growing up I experienced fishing and hunting with my father. He guided fishing trips, we travelled high into the forest hunting, we camped and boated. I remember greeting him home after working with his hard hat still on. I was a tom boy and I adored my father. Now he's a Grandfather. He's been very supportive with our growing family through adoption; even when he jokes about our numbers. "So you have twenty six children now?", he would ask. Today I took nine of our children to an adoption picnic, my father and his wife joined us. It's really nice that our children have connected with their Grandfather. It's really nice that my father shows an interest in being a Grandfather. I might not openly express or engage with many words on how much he means to me. This is why I've taken this opportunity to thank my father for being in my life. To wish him a "Happy Father's Day" I know it's Father's Day but I couldn't help think about parents in general. There is so many different dynamics of parents. In my life, I have four parents. My Mother and her husband and my Father and his wife. All my parents have been in my life for a long time. I don't like to introduce, "This is my step father" All four of my parents have been actively involved in my life. My other father is a fisherman and taught me how to make a Norwegian dish called Pototo Balls (Raspeboller). He's an interesting fellow, loving and also accepting of our family and his Grandchildren. He's hard working and I will have to wish him a Happy Father's Day when he returns from fishing. Something that my "step parents" might not know is they mean as much as my birth parents do. I will address them the same way and my love isn't any different. Being an adoptive Mother I've learned to love unconditionally and accept that anyone can make a family, be a parent (if wanting) and sometimes I feel I don't give enough credit to all my parents in my life. (While writing I will refer as "step parents" so we're not confused) I often question after all these years, does my step parents know they're accepted and loved? My step Mother is so cute, she loves to talk, she seems so happy and seems proud to be a Grandparent. She's a lovely woman and needs to be acknowledged especially from me that I love her. I am glad that she's in my life. I am so grateful that I have four parents and that our children have many Grandparents. Adoption is exciting and a happy time but also a time of loss. Most of our children have lost birth parents and other birth family members. This is why it's so important that they receive acceptance and love from our parents. It makes my heart happy to witness my parents accept our children. After all I didn't ask their permission to adopt, I just hoped they'd jump on board! Father's Day - a day to celebrate Dad's......another day to celebrate the meaning of parents, they mean a lot to me and our family.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Wheels in motion

It's been almost a month since our adoption placement of our two wonderful children. Our newest daughter was not mobile. Well she could pivot in a circle, stretch out to reach for something she wanted that was close. Amazingly for one week now she's been "bumb scooting" all over the place. Absolutely everywhere! I was completely shocked at first. Now this is where I give a large family credit. There is so much stimulation around here, so many brothers and sisters that our daughter wants to keep up with! This past month I believe has started her life! I have been taping her scoots to prove that she's capable of anything. We knew it! Bumb scooting isn't just getting her places, it's developing strength in her legs so eventually she will stand and walk! While watching her, she's been trying to scoot outside. This looks like the ultimate wedgie and also wrecking her clothing. So my husband decided to stay up until 2am last night building her a custom made "wheel chair" This chair is great for her posture, saves getting any splinters and her clothing is not getting ripped nor stained. She's still building strength with her legs and she just loves it! It's used indoors or out. She's been everywhere! Not only does our daughter use it confidently, our other children give her a break and push her around. (We will still encourage natural movement of course) I can't wait to show our friends and family what mobility around here looks like! If you haven't been following, our new daughter has Cerebral Palsy. She wasn't mobile. BUT now she can be found playing in our dogs water, scooting down the hallways, in her siblings bedrooms and finding me (her Mommy) cooking dinner in the kitchen. She smiles and laughs knowing she's made it to her destination of choice! It is SO cute! I'm thinking if she can scoot within a month, she'll be walking within a year! Her little brother also has been doing wonderfully. He's loving playing outdoors on a daily basis, we are potting training him and starting today he's been wearing big boy underwear! We haven't seen a tantrum in awhile. I have a feeling he's picked up quickly that we are consistent with what's acceptable. It's really CUTE when he says out of the blue, "I like you Mommy" I always reply, "I love you _____" Then he will say, "I love you Mommy" With all these transformations and love, I'm really liking the idea of summer holidays in a few short weeks where we can concentrate on our children's progress and have fun with each other. We already have our summer plans in place. Lately we've been busy with every appointment imaginable. We missed school a few days ago for 10 dentist appointments and I'm proud to say we left with ten out of ten NO cavities! Our second oldest daughter had her braces taken off, we have multiple specialists appointments set up and our dogs hair has been nicely groomed ready for summer! Once June is over, our family will be able to relax and scoot where ever our day allows according to weather. All I know is we are a progressive unstoppable family and we're putting our wheels in motion for summer fun, bonding and mooovement!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our pudding

I'm going to get personal. I usually don't but this is about myself. Throughout my life I've been faced with different challenges that changed my paths. I believe everyone goes through times in their life where you question why me? I have some significant life changing events that brought me to where I am today. In grade five my parents divorced and I moved twice before establishing into a new city. At age fourteen an event happened that changed my teenage years. For two years from fourteen to sixteen I was out of control. At age seventeen I had my first daughter and married her father. My first marriage lasted seven years and I won't get into great detail but it was rough. Rough enough to count pop cans for milk. To have no heat in the winter. I won't blame my first husband for anything now and I excepted that we weren't compatible. The events in my life is novel material. After leaving my first marriage I took charge of my life. I was a single Mother of two children, I went to college while working full time. I lived in a townhouse and the three of us made it a home. Then I met my husband in 1997, we married on August 14th, 1999. I couldn't physically have anymore children because of a previous uterine rupture with my second child although we decided to take a chance. My husband and I went over to Vancouver where I had a uterine operation and I went on fertility drugs. Ironically I became pregnant within a few short months. This was my husbands first and only birth child. For months I was on complete hospital bed rest because I developed Placenta Previa and my uterus was leaking fluid from the previous uterine rupture. Our son was two months premature. Emotionally leaving the hospital without my baby was very difficult. I was determined to breastfeed. I pumped every three hours like I had a baby under my arms knowing one day he would be home. The day when the hospital said we can take our baby home was emotions I will never forget. Twenty seven months later I stopped breastfeeding. (A sad day) Four years later my husband and I started thinking about adoption. Originally we were searching to adopt overseas because we didn't realize we could adopt within BC. Two years later after the initial call to our adoption worker we had our first sibling placement. From there as you know, we've grown in numbers. You're probably wondering why I'm writing aspects of my personal life? First off, even though my grammar is horrible, all my life I've wanted to write. Journal. When I was twelve years old I received my first old style used typewriter. One of my dream jobs was writing for the National Geographic magazine. I am a thinker which leads me to this post. I have been through many challenges in my life. I just "touched" the surface in this post. This morning I had a call informing me about what people may or may not be thinking about us. (Our family) A call I can say that was genuinely heart felt and concerned that the truth should be told. (Rumors and the questionable gossip in regards towards our large adoptive family) Which leads me to write about myself, who I am and what brought me here today. The fact is, we are a large family with different backgrounds, different heritages, special needs and challenges - we are a topic of conversation. We could be a reality television show but this is the most reality I'm willing to share. People are going to talk. I could have one child and there will be something about my past someone will talk about. Unfortunately within any talk most of it's distorted. I personally try not to talk about anyone unless it's positive and factual in nature. Today I was told I seemed wise. The only wise statement I know is what's true. Our family and friends that mean anything to us know the truth, what lurks the streets is irrelevant. One valuable lesson I've learned was follow your instincts, your heart and believe how you feel about something, about someone. I've learned we are not an exception for gossiping rumors and it will continue for the rest of our life because we're different. Just like my past, I choose not to be defeated. I choose to take negative circumstances that happen within our life as a learning lesson to make us stronger and yes, wiser. I've succeeded through many odds and I can openly discuss my past with confidence, with no shame and I'm not about to stop this now. Life is a choice on how you want to live, you can heal and you can forgive. Forgiving for me is hard but I'm learning that people who are malicious, they know the truth and I feel sorry for them that they have to live with themselves, to live this way. I'm not perfect and I'm not a perfect Mother. I don't have a perfect past. I will state that I am at peace within myself. I am happy for what my past taught me, for whom it helped develop. I'm not perfect but I'm as real as they come. Do you know what? I do thank God and this Universe for giving me my life story, for making me who I am today, for being able to write and share difficult situations in hopes it helps someone else. My life has given me more understanding and compassion for what is. I have a large loving family with all the delightful challenges and I'm "Ok" with people talking because in my heart I know who we are. I know our truths and I'm proud of our family. I'm proud we're not perfect. My motto since I was a little girl was to make a change in this world. It might be one child at a time, it might be writing on this blog, it might be recognizing the homeless and who knows what the future holds.....Besides raising our children as best as we can, I hope to make others smile regardless of their circumstances. Life trials are in place for a reason. It's for growth and gives us strength to become a better person, to understand life isn't perfect and that it doesn't matter what we choose to do in life; not everyone will agree. This is what I'm learning, you can't please everyone and that's "Ok" too. I can be a complete rambler, I might have lost your interest within this post so in conclusion I believe there should be more education about adoption and large families. This is what keeps me writing. There isn't any fame or fortune, it's purely about love and acceptance. We might not be the most popular family, our numbers are against us with different challenges that could arise, we are full of behaviours and special needs, we take up too much space where ever we go, we are noisy and down right different. We are a topic of conversation. I will say we are a family that has embraced each other with all our differences, our different paths and we're healing together. I have been giving the experience to understand, to have compassion for, to accept what is and I am thankful for my past, for my gossipers for giving me the strength to believe in my heart, myself and my family. Our dedication has and always will be our children. Just remember our truth is here in our pudding and not in someone elses milkshake. If you don't want information that is mixed up, please feel free to contact me. I love speaking the truth and sharing our life story. PS - We are doing wonderful and everyday is a blessing in my eyes. I wouldn't change our life because I'm always in "Awe"

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Swimming free

We had a great weekend. Saturday turned out to be a lovely sunny day to roast hot dogs and enjoy some visiting time with our friends. We moved our fire to the front yard where we could over look it from our balcony. It worked out perfect and not having a landscaped yard has it's bonuses! I forgot the marshmallows (Oops) but I'm sure us parents didn't mind missing that sticky business! Then on Sunday we all went swimming for the first time as a family group! There was thirteen of us! Our five, six and eight year old sons jump from the diving board into the deep end while the rest of us watch. Our new son who's turning three was amazed with his surroundings and wanted to try everything while our new daughter who's turning four just LOVES the water! Kicking and paddling she was having a blast! Water is her element which makes me very happy! Although leaving was more of our challenge. Our now youngest daughter did not want to stop swimming after two hours! She screamed but was soon happy once home drinking her milk and cuddling with Mommy. I've been thinking about different therapies. Two of our daughter's for years have been doing really well with their confidence, their posture and mobility with Therapeutic Horse Riding. I'm now thinking about Aquatic Therapy for our newest daughter. While I was in the water with her, I'm holding her with my one arm and helping her move both her legs with the other while counting out loud. She was enjoying this. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 -10! She hates laying on her front side (on her stomach) While swimming I'm holding her so she's swimming front side down in the water. A side she or I rarely sees. I've been doing some research on water therapy and it relieves stiffness, stress and develops muscular strength and flexibility. Water creates relaxation so you can increase your range in motion. It's a weightless environment which will help us help our daughter's mobility while she grows. I've always known swimming is a great recreational sport for our family but now having a child with limited freedom of movement; while in the water there are no limitations....she's like everyone else. She's also little enough to use the floating boats, so she was floating, kicking and smacking the water around her. Throwing rubber balls and giggling! It was fun. We have to give a half hour for organizing ourselves into the pool and another hour to leave the pool but it's worth the time in the water! When I was a child and I hear our children often say, "I wish I could fly" Swimming is like flying. It reminds me of a book we read to our children, Caramba by Marie-Louise Gay. It's about a cat that wishes to fly but while trying falls into the ocean. He flapped his arms, glided through the water, whirled his tail, soared through the seaweed, somersaulted and swooped. He was light as a feather, free as a bird. It was like flying. So I can imagine for our new daughter swimming is like walking, running, skipping and flying. If I were her, I wouldn't want to leave either! So I have a feeling we're going to be turning into a flock of birds or a bunch of humpback whales swimming on a regular basis! It was a great weekend and this is what life should be about. Family, friends and swimming free.........

Friday, June 10, 2011

One man verses a 400lb beam on a Friday night!

Leave it to the husband to modify an engine hoist to lift up a 400lb beam in our living room! Out of steal he welded a platform to crank the beam into the sky! One of our sons is sitting on the platform above in the two top pictures. It was the highlight of our Friday night!
Normally you would need a bunch of guys, multiple scaffolding and blocking. Although it's always a one man show around here! We have open beams throughout our home that was originally placed during new construction with a crane. Now we're just changing a new home into a home designed for us. If you know my husband, he has to design the most challenging idea! He also has a farming background and while he worked on the farm, it was a time where you made do. (You built your tools to help build your barn) During the building process there needs to be some joy......I bet you don't know any other family that lifts their children over and over again from an engine hoist in the middle of their living room on a Friday night for fun?! We did manage to squeeze in our movie night too from far heights! It's been three years of construction around here and now that we're in the final stages of finishing we feel relieved! Relieved at least our house will be finished but there's always an ongoing list and that would be another book to write! On another page, tomorrow (Saturday) we're planning a wiener roast with a few family friends. The joke I made was we will need at least 48 hot dogs for our family! One highlight of my life is "entertaining", I enjoy family friends coming over for dinner. It's not going to be Sushi but it will be a great smokin fire for all with marshmallows, salads with good company! Once our construction is finished we would love to have more families over for dinner. We won't have to worry about swinging beams, drywall dust and live electrical wires (I'm kidding) We will just have more room to entertain and enjoy ones company. Until then my hardworking farmer is hard at work designing his family a beautiful home and he will take on absolutely anything alone!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Beauty within a city

When we were having our adoption placement visits we decided to visit Stanley Park. I haven't been there for nineteen years and my husband has never been. It's amazing how driving out of a city into a park can change your whole perception of it's beauty. Stanley Park is beautiful, it has so much to offer tourists and their own locals. Like tranquility and solitude from the hustle of city traffic! When we were there we went on the Spirit Catcher Train tour which traveled through the history and story of the Klahowya Village. It was very interesting and most likely our new children's first Aboriginal experience. Stanley Park was our memorable event during our adoption visits, we collected souvenirs and took many pictures through-out our day! We also visited the Vancouver Aquarium where extensive giggles happened from the excitement of Dolphins jumping. The Aquarium is amazing. Turns out we found out it's the largest Aquarium in Canada. Stanley Park is worth taking at least two days to explore and I'm hoping that we can take our whole family to experience the beauty within a city. It has monumental trees, streams, beaches, lakes, lagoons, parks within the park, horse buggy tours, trains, cultural history, arts, dancing, pools, playgrounds, breath taking sight seeing, for example; (Prospect park with views of the Lion Gate Bridge over the Burrard Inlet) and multiple gardens. Not to mention statues, totem poles and the famous sea wall looking over the city of Vancouver. I can't believe that I haven't been there for nineteen years! I know if I was a local, Stanley Park would be my daily destination. I hope when we do venture back that our children appreciate this area as much as I do. Our world around us is definitely worth experiencing even if it's just out our front door! Great day trips cost absolutely nothing because we're virtually surrounded by water and rain forests. I heard a saying once, "We live on the nipple of British Columbia" (Referring to a baby bottle) We don't need anything more, we are satisfyingly fed beauty that's all around us! There is nothing more satisfying for me to witness our children not only developing human compassion but recognizing and appreciating what our world has to offer. The natural beauty and sometimes a beauty within a city.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shortest post ever! Busy times......

We've been real busy lately with Doctor apts, Dentists, Orthodontics, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, different school meetings as four of our children are transitioning to a Middle School in September. Every day on our calendar there is something, not only something, sometimes three or four different appointments in different directions! BUT at the end of the calendar day we feel accomplishment. Basically that the day is done! Meeting our Occupational Therapist was an excellent experience for me being the Mother. After the appointment I felt relieved with learning a few new techniques concerning behavior. I'm actually excited to learn as much as I can to help me parent so our new daughter can thrive. Beyond the multiple meetings, we have five children going on school camping trips. My husband is attending a three day camping trip coming up soon which leaves me single parenting the rest of our children. "Hurray, hurray!" I say! (I'm kidding) Although there has been times where I have single parented up to a month with no difficulties. So our June is busy like the rest of the planet and we are on count-down mode until our summer holidays! Sorry this is short but I'm off researching different disabilities.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Take the jump!

What a great weekend! The sun was shining and it was hot! Even though our days are louder, it hasn't stopped our adventures! Today we packed up a picnic and went to our local river destination where a few of us decided to brave the waters. Then we journeyed off to the ocean. Where my husband played soccer with our boys and I sat handing out the picnic! I think especially for our new daughter she's experiencing everything for the first time, including throwing sand in her Mother's hair! I love this time where I can watch and learn our children. I know for our new son he loves to scream to manipulate his siblings into doing things for him! Then there is times where he surprises us with the most amazing things. We're also learning that our new daughter loves car rides (but not confinement such as carrying her) - she loves it when we've reached our destination so she can explore! Now that we are in our first week of June, we've been thinking about our summer plans. Yes we're going to camp, yes we're going to travel and yes; nothing is going to hinder our plans unless it's medically. I've been thinking about my future. Most of our children will venture off during their adult years except for three for sure. I still have this dream of traveling to Nepal. I often think that it's a silly dream on my part. Then I've added their culture, learned their foods and language. I've fund raised for years for Child Haven and a piece of my heart can't stop longing for this little Country. I've brought Nepal into our home with decor and the forever thought that someday I will visit. Personally if there is no travel advisories, we're all healthy and able, I can one day make this a reality with some of our children! I'm a total believer that anything is possible. The picture above is my second oldest daughter's boyfriend attempting a dive today into the icy river waters, this awkward looking jump actually turned into a face planting dive! He had the right attitude. You can do anything if you set your mind to it! I remember years ago we "jokingly" mentioned having fourteen children, I also remember mentioning we would love to have children for the rest of our life. Children that I believe have one hundred percent potential in doing whatever they want in life even if that includes joining their Mother to trek the Himalaya's. Now wouldn't that be a story to write about! A dream is like taking a jump, the first step off is the hardest!

Friday, June 3, 2011

"Those moments"

We are adjusting with the occasional tantrum and bites! We definitely have some times through-out our days that bring on some embarrassment with excess screaming. We forgot about the toddler demands, the stubborn these moments are a flash of the past. With adopting there is the "Honeymoon" stage where everything is going completely wonderful, then when our new children settle in, we see more what our days really look like! I'm learning very quickly that naps are needed. My husband made a comment today saying, "We are only punishing ourselves missing naps!" So "suck it up" we're adding naps for awhile to our schedule. Basically reflecting back on our day, there is more positives, lots of giggles and happiness then biting! Thank goodness! Can you believe it!? I'm potty training again! We have had lots of success! I'm really happy that school is almost over, summer is almost here because what a great time to relax, bond and enjoy each other. I am all for routine although summer gives all of us just a more relaxed schedule. I'm finding the weekends are too short! You know, we have moments questioning ourselves on why we've adopted and adopted many. With all our children, birth or adopted, there is moments of second thoughts. OR just questioning, "Why?" Usually these feelings come when something isn't going the way we anticipated. (For example, a tantrum during grocery shopping) I swear I feel my grey hair brightening then the moment passes. Like trying really hard not to jump on our middle aged/teens boat during a disagreement. What I've learned raising our children is engaging in an argument only escalates the situation. Sometimes being a parent, taking charge means taking steps back. We ultimately make the choices even if our child/children think they've won. Recently we received a card reading, "While we try to teach our children about life, our children teach us what life is all about" "It's all about love" - Author Unknown. I started thinking about these moments we all have as parents pulling our hair out, over coming stressful situations, embarrassing episodes and my conclusion it's on how we deal with it and perceive it afterwords. These moments are just that. Moments. Believe it or not, they are teaching us to parent, to have patience and accept what isn't perfect. Also we're not alone. I have to remind myself and my husband that our moments are every parents moment and this too, shall pass. Our oldest daughter is twenty one and I've been having moments for twenty one years! (lol) I'm writing this to not only remind myself but to hopefully ease some readers that they're not alone during child raising trials and it's normal. Now that I'm off to bed, reflecting on my day, I can smile because the positives always out weigh those "moments" The positives is all about love..........and those moments are quick like lightening!