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Saturday, February 4, 2012


Alright, I have a confession. Valentines Day is coming. Basically another commercialized day to spend money but it's also a day to show affection in one form or another. I love to bake and cook for our family on that special day. (Every day) But on this day, our children will receive "a treat" just after dinner, a bomb explained below! :) If Valentines Day is a school day, I will usually hide the candied kisses within their lunch. I know many buy their wives flowers and in the past my husband has done the same although flowers die. I've requested my husband not to buy me flowers ever again unless they're the ones I can plant. If anything, thanks to my oldest son, I love LUSH products! He bought me a combination pack of shampoo and conditioner that's in bar form. (No liquid) Everything came in bar form including a massage rub. Since then I checked out this store called "Lush" and bought some bath bombs. You just drop the whole bomb into the bath. I was told that the products are all natural and there is no chance for different infections or irritations. There is all different bath products you can purchase. There is also bubble baths that come in bar form, all you do is break a piece and drop it underneath running water. Excellent for children! You smell wonderful and literally for days afterwords. So I thought I would send the lush vibe out there for an idea instead of flowers and chocolates. In fact it's fun for children too! For me, a $10.00 bar of bubblegum bubbles would last 10 baths, I could break that up in pieces for Valentines Day! A fun and different idea instead of chocolate! Also those bath bombs range from $4.00 to $7.00 and what a lovely gift for a little girl. (Well my boys would love one too) There is a magic mushroom bubble bar that smells like strawberries and cream made especially for Valentines Day I believe. There is everything and anything and all the products are freshly handmade. I just had a bath using the butterball bomb........washed my hair with the bar soap and in my opinion it's one of my favorite gifts. Funny, I've expressed to my family that if you want to buy me anything in the future, buy it from the Lush store! I even buy gifts for everyone from that store including our children. This link provided explains the Lush Company and what they believe. (If you don't see the link, try dragging your mouse in the black space, it should be there) There is more reasons to purchase from Lush then any other bath company! Now that I've been introduced to it, it's a store that can provide a nice gift to anyone. One of my favorites! Try it, you'll see!

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