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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Be unique

I'm waving to the city of Nanaimo from the top of Notch Hill. "See my shadow?" We're one month into summer and camping has cramped my exercising. It was refreshing to sit on the top in silence on a clear night.
One of my sons made me a bracelet, it put Pandora to shame.....I promised I would wear it all summer!
 We had four birthdays during the month of July. For one of our sons birthday he picked mini-golfing. So off we went......during golfing I noticed my sons footwear! If my son is happy and comfortable, there was no worries in our world!
We're in between camping trips, (home for a few weeks) venturing off on day trips.....and getting caught up until our next BIG adventures! Stay safe, enjoy and experience life! Get outside! Wear two different shoes - be unique, be yourself - Me.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Blue Angels

My childhood swimming hole

The beans that started "Blue Angels"
 Chess, the "down time"
Brushing teeth camping style!
Our second camping trip was successful. No injuries. No ignorant individuals. Just beautiful scenery with endless giggles. We camped with friends and for five nights we enjoyed daily walks and bike rides, swimming in the river, river rafting (with tubes) and a day trip to McIvor Lake. My father and mother that lives in Campbell River visited us daily and a few times joined us with our daily walks. (Seen below)

Our evenings consisted of campfires, smores, popcorn and campfire nachos! I received many "tips" from our friends for different food ideas. Besides eating, there was card tricks, games, glow stick creations and sport games. There was many highlights with this camping trip, one was called the "Blue Angels" I told our friends that I might call this post the "Blue Angels" and since our children, especially our boys will be talking about it forever - there is no other title more fitting then "Blue Angels" (Seen in the following link below) If you don't know about the blue angels, it's basically lighting the emission of gas from your behind. That flatulence with the influence of beans (lol) will turn a flame blue! So while out camping, we lost our manners for at least a night and expelled gas for memory fun!

Besides making memories, I had memories of my own. I grew up in this area. My old elementary school is boarded closed, my childhood home doesn't resemble that beautiful place with a weeping willow tree anymore......the forest I used to play in is houses. It's just that - memories. The existence has no resemblance.
My elementary school

That's why photographs and our memories are so important because regardless what anyone believes, I know that parts of our lives, and our childhood memories do define us in some ways. I camp with our children because I camped as a child. I bake (punching bread) because my mother did. We giggle at blue angels because life is suppose to be fun with different surprises. Life cycles are true......and I know some of our children had a rough start so my mission as their mother is to create great memories so they can continue with their own children. One important point to adoption, to having children;  is just that....a lifestyle change to a more positive, memorable and cycle building fun-filled life so traditions aren't lost, or don't (hopefully) continue on the wrong path. Having children should be just that - great memories.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

As simple as blowing out candles

Wow, feels great when something actually works for once. My blogger has been not working for at least a week which is a minimal complaint compared to what has been going on around here. We're a day behind for our second camping trip. Finally leaving July 19th and yes, still living out of coolers (a longer story) we're heading out! This 8 day camping trip consists of no electricity or water hookups. Last year was a success camping with another large family, this trip should be just as successful! During our 5 days at home it's been frustrating and without any details.......I'm glad we're onto a new adventure!

Also this week we moved our second oldest son out of his place and while getting ready for our next camping trip, we're also saying, "Good luck" to our sons new chosen career path. He's moving to Fort St. John and working with a well established company driving trucks. For a young adult we're proud that he has the motivation to work hard, and to obtain certifications to help him become successful in his life. So as much as he's moving far away, I'm happy and proud that he's doing so. Good for him! I can honestly write that I believe his life will become all that he wants because he works respectfully hard with determination.

In July we have four birthdays. My husbands, one son turned 13, our littlest daughter turns 6 July 19th and one son is turning 5 next week.  For our littlest daughter we celebrated tonight. We sang "Happy Birthday" to her three times, lighting the candles every time. Just singing and blowing out the candles for our daughter is a perfect birthday!

In conclusion - I wish everyone a non-frustrating, drama limiting and a stress free week. We all deserve a easy peaceful life working together because with every birthday, we're all one year older and life is passing us by. Life can be as simple and as beautiful, we just have to choose it that way - like blowing out candles. For us - I also wish this for ourselves, reminding myself everyday when I awake to make this a good day, if not for the people around me - for myself.

Amazing 3D Printer, WOW!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

My world consists of all cultures

Our first camping trip was successful with a few bumps. The first few days was challenging, actually very frustrating to say the least. Not because our camper fridge blew up or two of our boat tubes ripped and we bent and cracked the propeller blade on the boat....not because my husband and I continually worked, cleaned, cooked and dealt with some behaviours on a daily basis....not that some of our children behaviours were completely embarrassing bringing some of our camping neighbours to stare at us......nor was it because nightly I had to lay down our one and a half year old over and over for hours. It was because some of our neighbours, ( separated into 3-4 different campsites that surrounded us) were completely the rude ones. I introduced ourselves, I even suggested that if any of my children are behavioural in anyway near them to let me know. Everything seemed perfect. Then as the first few days continued, our neighbours were drunk from the moment they awoke to the time they went to bed. I don't have a problem with people drinking and having fun, I've been there and I've done that. Although they became belligerent and extremely rude. Even when they weren't drunk, they were a group of people that I haven't experienced in awhile that squished all my understanding and compassion out from underneath me. I was feeling angry. I tried keeping it to myself although when something new was said or done towards my family, I became enraged inside. You're probably curious onto what would enrage me, basically change my personality so wasn't the fact we were stared at continuously, spoke about like we couldn't hear, not because we were judged as a larger cultural special needs family. It was the racial slurs loud enough for my children to hear. “Look at all them Sasquatches” If I wasn't trying to keep my composure for my children, I would have lost it. My husband was away and I didn't want to have any confrontations. There was one evening when they threw a sausage at us while we were sitting right there. I'm not sure the significance of what a sausage meant or if it meant anything at all. Maybe Sasquatches love sausages, I don't know but for the two days they were here, we felt uncomfortable. When they left our camping resumed in a much peaceful atmosphere with several new lovely neighbours that our children befriended. It takes all kinds of people to make our world go around but honestly my compassion is gone for the racist ones. I still don't and will never understand why people like this think they're superior and that it's acceptable to act within this manner. Just plain ignorant and it's so not tolerable. On a better note, my father and mother joined us for two nights and our children seemed to really enjoy their company. Kids love their grandparents. Every moment should be shared between us all. I definitely appreciate that my parents are actively involved in our children lives. I never had grandparents, it's special. Then on a separate day, on one of our sons birthday, my parents surprised us showing up with presents, a cake and a few items for my littlest son and grand baby. A very nice surprise! On our sixth night some of our children were building glow light stick flowers. I enjoy their creativity and encourage the mud patty making, stick house building and ant capturing. Reminds me of my childhood where electronic games didn't exist, or at least I don't remember owning any. Where collecting huckleberries to make pies was the morning plan. My world was a lot different, I figure a lot better then the generations being developed today. I have my parents to thank for that. My world wouldn't be perfect if I was able to control it but it would diminish a lot of faults just leaving the imperfections for the rest of us to accept. God knows I'm not perfect. If I'm accepted for who I am, for who my family is; I am a happy camper. I will protect, advocate and support when needed otherwise I will try not to be confrontational and irrational. I will love, have compassion and understand what I can but I will not accept ignorance towards the colour of our skin. Black, brown, white, green or tattooed – we're all the same. Out of the ten days for our first camping trip, two of them were testing my patience with people. The highlights took over with our childrens' grandparents and my oldest daughter joining us near the end. Our children forgot our ignorant neighbours and I will too. After all, my world doesn't relate to racism but rather only fills it with all cultures. Above are some of our camping pictures, including where I purchased a much needed coffee on our tenth day driving home!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Off we go regardless of any blow-ups!

We had a good birth family visit, visiting the birth mother, birth father, a grandmother and a great grandmother. An openness we honor twice a year. I believe as long as it's healthy for our children, then openness with adoption is good. During our long day of traveling, my friend and her two daughters accompanied us. It was a great day just during our travels together. My friend's daughters were absolutely wonderful with my children throughout the day. The company and support was just what I needed! My husband stayed home this trip struggling with our camping trailer. We're heading out camping for a few weeks on July 4th and our trailer fridge blew up! The smell of gas was everywhere! Long story longer, we refuse replacing the fridge for $2000.00 and the part my husband needs is located in Nova Scotia. So this camping expedition is coolers! We have 17 of us camping, squishing into one site, with the option for our older adults to join us making a total of 20 people. I've been constantly making remarks about when we arrive, "we'll clear out our neighbors or they'll develop claustrophobia!" My husband isn't staying, (lucky him) he will set me up then leave to work and attend the Kiss concert for his birthday! "Surprise" on my part! For now, it's packing up and moving into a two week adventure! Stay tuned, within two weeks I'm sure I'll have lots of stories to reminisce! Then we have a few days of unloading, and re-packing while off to another camping adventure with some wonderful friends! That might make 40 of us with two families on our next trip! Sounds like a great time to me! I wonder if the slugs will escape the liquid of the glow-sticks this time?!

PS - remember, if we can - you can! Enjoy your summer!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Our own city

The last couple of days gearing into summer has been great. Wrapping up school with a nice dinner with friends, yes another adoptive family that is very sweet. They brought over a wonderful smorgasbord dessert! Thank you so much Sherry and Mike and their beautiful daughter! Then we met another large adoptive family on Sunday that I befriended through the internet a year ago or more. We ventured off to our local swimming hole followed by a weeny roast. It was another great day without incident with over twenty children! The beauty I find with other adoptive families is our children accept each other and very quickly. I also enjoyed spending time with Angeline, "The mother" and one day wasn't nearly enough. It's sad when great families live so far a part! Thank you Angeline for a great day with your children! The picture below is the jumping spot into the river!

This picture is just some of our children connecting with each other...

On Canada Day we spent the day with more adoptive family friends. Again without incident, our families enjoyed endless swimming and more hot dogs! Thanks to my friend Bonnie, she's been a great friend since the day we met! I often joke about how adoptive families should build their own city, where the grass is green, the acceptance and compassion for each other is as beautiful as a blossoming flower.....Yeah right! I'm kidding.......although it is refreshing spending time with other families that just accept us, and without judgement. Not only are we all great support networks for each other, (we can just exist) befriend without question. I really do love my friends, camping is next with two more wonderful adoptive families! Plus many more endless days with more adoptive friends! Our summer is packed full with our own already developed city!