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Sunday, February 26, 2012

All shook up!

It was a very good weekend. To start off, I'm slightly a hypocrite as I've been excited about February passing! Not that I wish time to pass but because it was a sickly month! I've even redone my kitchen calendar for March! Glimpses of the sun and warmer weather wants me to build my green house, get our camper ready and plan for brighter days! Saturday at 12:30am my nephew and his fiance had their baby boy, 7 lbs 12 oz! I'm now a Great Aunt! Early Saturday evening I went and visited the new baby and he's beautiful. It's hard to explain but it was almost weird holding my nephews son. I remember my nephew as a child and it's a reality check for me to know the next generation is now having babies. I'm past those years. I'm now witnessing young adults raising babies, young adults I used to care for! AH I'm a middle aged woman! What happened?! In my heart I'll never be old, physically I continually to dye my hair and it's harder to loose those unwanted pounds! I even have these little light brown spots surfacing on my hands! I was organizing hundreds of pictures last night. I'm in the process of making "individual" albums for all our children. I was shocked on how young we all looked, including my husband and I! "Sigh" As I held the baby, I looked down upon him hoping I can witness where his life takes him within the next twenty years. (I always write you will never know what one day to the next where your life will take you) I then wondered.....who will be my first to make us Grandparents? Then I worried hoping it's not some of our children! Which made me question the next twenty years! Thinking even further, I can be a Great Grandmother one my parents! I suppose I had a "Ah Ha" moment with a reality check! Either way with aging it's really special to witness children growing up and starting their own families. Then Sunday my Mother took my sister and I for a late birthday present to the Chemainus Theatre. We saw "All shook up" featuring Elvis Presley songs. First we went to this little candy store my Mother likes to go too. Hansel and Gretel's Candy Company. (We bought candy) Then we had an excellent buffet lunch followed by the theatre production. It was really good. It was about a small town girl meeting a rough, tough, guitar playing rebellion and they fall in love. In fact there was several couples falling "in love" during this musical. During one part in the production there was two teenagers wanting to run away together, their love is all they needed. Funny - I thought about two teenagers I know that seem to think this way but during the show the teenagers quickly figured out a life running isn't the answer. That their love can be kept in the right way with respecting and listening to their parents. Life can be as simple as a musical with making the right choices. It was a high energy, thoughtful and full of love musical that I enjoyed immensely! I believe musical theatre and live plays make a great personal gift for anyone. I can't wait to take our children to "Animal Tales" where the kids can participate! Coming to the Chemainus Theatre from July 20 to August 25th! I also noticed there is reasonably priced getaway packages that includes a theatre production, one nights accommodations, a buffet dinner and buffet breakfast! Also complimentary use of a pool, hottub and fitness centre starting at $115.00 per person. If you think about everything included in the package, it's a good deal! So this weekend I was "All shook up" enjoying every little detail and realizing that life can slip us by, so go experience it, enjoy it and love everyone in it!

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  1. Awesome advice! Thank you for the reminder! xoxox