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Monday, February 13, 2012


Interestingly enough some of our children have shown interest in my blog. I suggested that whenever they wanted to journal their thoughts, they could as a guest writer on here. So once in awhile there will be a post with one or more of our children writing. I thought it was a great idea being that they'll develop stronger typing skills while practicing their English. (Like me, still learning Grammar!) Most importantly their minds are open and they're able to express themselves through writing. The posts below are authentic in nature and wasn't directed by me. The only statement I suggested before they started writing was that this blog is designed around adoption and our large family. (I didn't want to change anything nor their mistakes) This post is dedicated to children that need and/or want a family and for pre-adoptive parents is worth the wait! Happy Valentines Day!

hi i have lots of brothers and sisters. it is awesome. it's fun to play with them. my family likes to go camping.i like to swimm.when i have new brothers and new sisters it is awesome because they are funny . we do every thing has a family.i like to writt has much has my mom.i like to go to the stares with my mom and my dad lets us drive the quads
and gocarts it is fun.i like to have a big family.
Age - 9.

Why did the chicken cross the road because he wanted too. Why is 6 scared of 7  because 7, ate, 9. I never get boared because i always have a brother or sister to play with. i like to play mantracker because we have so many people in our family. the only person that can beat me at chess is my dad. im on a basketball team and i won the freethrow so im really by the ocean is awesome because i have never seen the ocean before and i have never seen a crab until my mom and dad adopted me. My family is important to me.
Age - 11.

I really didn't like it in foster care because i was moved home to home 9 times. and i lived far away from all of my brothers.when i heard that i was getting adopted i was really excited but when i first met my mom and dad i didn't talk to them that much. i was about 9 when i was adopted but now i have a big family i do lots of stuff with my family like going camping and going to adoption things. being adopted is better then living in a foster care when your adopted you have a mom and a dad that loves you and always will. i dont have to worry about my future thats why you should adopt.

i wasnt adopted, but i have lots of brothers and sisters that were. i live in a big family now and its big. my life has changed now and its nice to have brothers and sisters. i have some brothers and sisters the same age as mee. its cool to have family around and i am never bored i atend all the fun things with my brothers and sisters and weve made lots of friends i really like my new little sister because shes funny and my mom thinks she looks like mee. i think our family is ginormus and great.      
Age -11

When I think about myself, I think about my purpose. It's my dedication to my family. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and children for me, is my reason for everything. What is very special about us is our hearts. Love isn't defined for only one, it's a human ability to love many. Opening our hearts is like opening a treasure box full of gold. Rich with love - Carrie.

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  1. Love this! Thank you to your kids for sharing their thoughts.
    Happy Valentines Day!!