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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Leaning tower of cupcakes

It was a beautiful day in our neighborhood to celebrate our sons actual birthday. During the past weekend he had a swimming party with his friends but we always celebrate the day of.  My husband thought it would be great to have a bonfire so our children could roast wieners. Our first fire for 2012! It was like a spring day, our go-carts and quads were the highlight for the occasion. For hours most of our children circled our property. (Even through the mud) While they circled, I prepared sushi with smoked salmon and avocado and tried to build a tower of cupcakes! Unfortunately some of us are still sick with the endless viruses but we're making the best of a sickening February! After today I was struck by a spring fever - wanting more of the sun, the outdoors and I felt the need to summer plan. Which brought my attention to plan for Spring Break. Two weeks of unpredictable weather is usually the problem. So what can you plan is the question every year!? Any ideas? May and June are antsy months for me, I start taking day trips everywhere with our children. (Even a school day doesn't stop us) If it's a beautiful day, we take it like a snow day! I can easily say "Goodbye February!" Like my leaning tower of cupcakes, it's time to move on over and welcome spring! But first, "Happy Birthday to my now nine year old son!"

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