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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Muppets Forever!

Today was a nice day. My Mother, my oldest daughter, my sister, my niece, my youngest daughter and a friend attended a baby shower for my nephew's fiancee. She's due in two weeks and she's having a baby boy! During the course of two hours, we all talked, laughed and watched the "Mother to be" open her baby gifts. I bought her two baby boy outfits, two baby creams and 1,440 wet wipes! I heard someone say, "That's a lot of wipes!" I chuckled stating, "within one week those wipes will be gone with all the soiling from different ends constantly!" Our littlest daughter was having a blast with all the balloons, she was concentrating on all the presents that circled by her. It was very cute. Especially when she seen Elmo! There was Elmo blankets, shirts, sleepers and toys! Elmo is our daughters favorite interactive toy. I never realized Elmo was so popular for babies too! It seems to be Sesame Street all over the place. When we had a baby almost twelve years ago it was "Winnie the Pooh" At showers such as this, the presents are past around the room to look at. There was items I've never seen before. It's amazing on how one decade can change different products but Sesame Street still survives time! November 10th 1969 Sesame Street was broad casted all over PBS stations. Muppet's seem to be not only entertaining but somewhat therapeutic. We have a few Elmo's around here that have even helped with speech therapy! (No kidding) And I still have my Muppet named "Floo" that our children love to see and interact with! Even our thirteen year old loves him! (Picture below) That's why I can understand that Sesame Street will be around forever and so they should! Muppet's are a child's best friend! Around here Muppet's are not only interactive, they provide a type of magical friendship. Our children get a kick out of my Muppet because he likes to eat ears and fingers as he doesn't have any! He also likes to look into their mouth as he's fascinated with their teeth! Wondering why he doesn't have teeth!? Questioning our children, "Why do you have teeth?" Their responses are quite funny and I enjoy being behind the Muppet! Depending on your child's age and cognitive abilities, Muppet's can provide an outlet to open up conversation. A great counseling tool. "Floo" is our family Muppet (Puppet) but it's stored safely away in his own bed hiding in my room. (He occasionally comes out at bedtime) If any of our children get carried away by pinching his nose or poking his eyes, he leaves very upset. He only interacts when it's safe and accepting of his differences. See - he won't be teased either. A year or more ago I wrote about our Muppet and his benefits. It's more likely one of those deleted posts I regret, regardless it's money well spent buying a family friend like this. It makes bedtime fun but most importantly like Sesame Street, it's a memorable time that is spent with our children teaching and opening their minds to the endless possibilities of learning creatively.

A little funny that happened tonight - I was bathing our eleven year old daughter, washing her hair extra....and she asks, "Did someone fart?" I said, "No I didn't fart, did you?" She says, "NOOO" So I explained maybe it's the toilet! She starts laughing asking, "The toilet farted?!" Well......I meant that maybe the toilet smells from the last person using it but perhaps the toilet was the culprit tonight!

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