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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Traveling Gypsies

The last day of July we ended up in Tofino. After spending many hours at Long Beach surfing the waves and having a picnic, we ventured off to Ucluelet. There is a really nice West Coast trail walk out to the lighthouse and back. All our troupers made it there and back! For me, the views are always breath taking and it reminds me that I'm happiest outdoors! Sharing these experiences with our children is even better. I know their appreciation is limited but I truly believe they will develop this same love I have with nature, given these childhood experiences. When our children are adults I'm most positive some will revisit areas with their own children. Nature always amazes me. During our trip to Tofino and Ucluelet my Mother joined us. Believe it or not and like many others, my Mother hasn't experienced our own backyard! Vancouver Island! So during her two weeks holidays, she wants to join us, "The traveling Gypsies!" BC Day was celebrated at the Horne Lake caves. We reserved a family tour, 90 minutes of going beneath the earth. Did you know there are over 1600 caves discovered on Vancouver Island? We had an awesome tour guide called, "Cave Dave" who was very informative during our caving adventure. When we turned off our helmet lights; it was completely black. There was no focus adjusting, no shadows, we were below the "Twilight zone" where there is no natural light. It was really "Cool" A place I could probably sleep much better except for the drip, drip of water forming calcite. (Beautiful crystal formations) We took all our older children plus a boyfriend into the darkness, it was a great BC Day and we wouldn't have wanted it any other way! Now after a days rest (Grocery shopping & Laundry) we're off to Hornby Island. Another little favorite spot of natures finest, then who knows, I'm thinking tee pee camping! Because I just found out that tee pee camping exists only an hour away! Now that would be an experience! We will see, if not, reservation ideas are already forming for next summer!

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