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Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Gained more family today!"

We met the loveliest family today. It's two of our children's birth family. It was so refreshing to connect with birth family that understands adoption. Understands some of the boundaries and ultimately understands that their children are well looked after. It's hard for me as an adoptive Mother to know where I stand while in the presence of birth family. I want to show respect. Today for the first time with all our adoptions, this birth family referred to us as Mom and Dad. They looked to us for guidance during the visit where sometimes there's the open question, "So who is going to do what and when for the child?" Which makes visits awkward. I can happily say that I feel openness with our children's birth family is going to be positive! They're special people that will be now a part of our family. I told them, "Adoption for you isn't a loss, you've adopted a whole BIG family!" What was really nice, our children's "Oma" - Great Grandmother stated, "She feels she has a new daughter with many Grandchildren" It brought tears to my eyes. Sometimes openness is positive. In this case it's easy. We all love each other already!

Now it's the West Coast waves, Horne Lake Cave Tours, Hornby Island and who knows what.......then our family should be arriving soon for more exploration days!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this lovely side of birth family and adoptive family. It's wonderful to hear that openness can be super positive!

    Love and Hugs,