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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A day it was

From Monster trucks, racing evenings, boating, caving, to concerts to beaches, we've been busy! This morning we left at 8am catching the 10am Denman Island ferry. We thought we were making excellent time until we stopped suddenly at the Hornby Island ferry. We waited until noon for the next Hornby Island ferry. I asked an employee why? He explained they were cutting costs by cutting back ferry trips. "Seriously? After it cost me $153.00 to get to our destination!" there was nothing to do but wait patiently. Finally arriving to Tribune Bay, a place I call the Hawaiian Island of BC! A beautiful bay where the sand is white, the water sparkles blue and boaters come in to dock. Our children played in the sand, collecting clams and swam. After our picnic, we were getting ready to go and I over heard a family next to us say they were from our community. It turned out they were another adoptive family and their daughter was going to Kindergarten with our son come September! Amazingly small world! After the beach we went over and hiked around Helliwell Park. A park with bluff views! While there we decided to frolic in the long grass taking pictures. Leave it to me, I love taking pictures! Our children sometimes roll their eyes at me..........but my response is, "You will want these pictures one day to show your own children" (In the above right picture is a picture of one of our sons) It turned out to be another great adventure. On our way back we stopped for ice cream for dinner then returning home for pizza for their snack! Our children had a kick out of that, after all; it's summer. Who says ice cream for dinner is wrong!? Now topping our adventures it's been nice to see most of our teenagers with us. Our second oldest son has been enjoying all our travels, now heading out commercial fishing with my Uncle. Good for him! While he travels by boat, we will travel by van almost anywhere! Next? Now that is the mystery question! But for now, I'm off to bed! I'm surprised I can see to write anything........I've told our children that their back to school question from Teachers, "What did you do this summer? better be LONG!" I can hear it......."I did nothing, my summer was boring" mmmmm mmmmm and I'm Charlie Brown!

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