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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Help

I recently saw the movie, "The Help" It's a story about black maids working for white families back in 1962. In Jackson, Mississippi. A white woman wanting to be a writer thought it would be a great idea to anonymously write about what it was like to be a black maid working in white families. It was a great, great, great movie! I recommend everyone to see it! I will warn you, you will cry several times. You will also laugh. It's one of the best films I've seen this year! I don't want to write about it and potentially ruin the movie but I will 100% yell, "It's a must see!" In fact I just purchased the book. For me, I found "The Help" a very powerful story. Heroic and courageous! This movie was inspiring for me because believe it or not, I used to be a shy non-confrontational woman. Now especially lately I feel it's important to stand up for what I believe in, stand up for not only my rights, for my family's. I've become a huge advocate where- ever, to whom- ever possible to educate individuals about our larger family. Also for many years now I've become more comfortable with myself. In the past I had many insecurities. With any insecurity there is a mask hiding it or who you are. I can say I was that person but with growth I feel confident of who I've become. The biggest attribute is loosing the fear. Fear that someone might not agree, might not "like you" but the reality is, "We can't please everybody" Everyone is different with different ideas on the way life should or shouldn't be. I'm one not to argue with anything but I will advocate and educate with what I know (or think) to be true in hopes to make a difference. While watching "The Help" it really touched home for me and it even gave me more moral strength then I did before! It's a must see and definitely a must read! Sven Goran Eriksson quotes, "The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure" So true.......

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