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Thursday, August 18, 2011

It`s been a week, welcome Friday!

I've been up to NO good. Actually I went to Seattle. My yearly shopping trip for our children. While in Seattle I went to the Pike Harbor where the famous fish throwing place resides. It was really "neat" In the above left picture is where fish is sold. When a fish is bought, they throw it to one another to be wrapped yelling. American food is plentiful and always looks sooooo good! In the above right picture is the cobblestone road where there is endless gift shops and trinkets. There was rows of flower bouquets, BIG beautiful flower bouquets for only $5-15.00! Here, a bouquet like that would be anywhere from $50.00 - $100.00! It was amazing. I'm always intrigued talking with the locals and listening to numerous amounts of street talent. I managed to get lost while looking for the I5 in the downtown streets of Seattle but there was always someone to direct me in the right and yes, sometimes the wrong direction! It was an adventure. I always have liked a great adventure! I also purchased a trinket I thought was interesting made out of St. Helen's volcanic ash. It's from the eruption of 1980. This lady makes sculptures from the materials and minerals from the earth to create mementos from this historical event. The process takes 15 steps to create each sculpture to make them stone-like and durable. SO of course I needed one! During my two day stay, I dined alone at Red Lobster. My favorite restaurant. I had appetizers and a full course lobster meal! I was slightly in heaven. Mainly my agenda consisted of shopping for our children. Shoes, shirts, hoodies, pants, under ware, coats and a dress. I'm getting the hang of finding deals. For example, Billi bong, DC, Element and Quicksilver brands starting at $2.99 for shirts, $9.99 for hoodies and as low as $7.99 for running shoes. $15.99 for winter jackets. BIG blocks of cheddar and mozzarella cheese for $12.99 comparing our price here for $26.99! It takes me a few tiring dizzy days but I find some great deals! The only problem was missing the ferry by fifteen minutes. I had over a two our wait for the next ferry then a two hour ferry ride! Now at home with everything put away, it`s been busy. We had a foster parent visit then shortly after our new dog arrived! Yin Yang is here! She`s a really nice and loving animal. That`s her in the picture above. The bottom picture with Wilbur and Yin looking out the window is cute but with a sad story behind it. When she was dropped off, we made sure she was comfortable staying with all our children. When the previous owner left, Yin has been waiting for her return. Staring out our windows. It almost brought me to tears. With adopting we completely understand the loss and grieving our children had to go through, still go through with endless healing. Watching our new dog wait for a loved one that isn`t returning is sad. It makes me think about all the children that get apprehended, then they wait in foster care for their birth parents to eventually find out, they are not returning. Then finally settling into their foster care placement to be moved again and again. For some like one of our sons, over 10 times before the age of 9! This is why adoption is so important. It means (hopefully) never moving again. For our new dog Yin, she`s been in several different homes. It will take sometime but soon she will realize we are her family and the waiting is now over. So like adoption, it`s exciting for the new adoptive parents but for the child it`s understandably unsettling until they can feel secure, safe and reassured this is home. Like our children, Yin is now home! AND after this week, it`s now time to relax with each other!

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