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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We need a "Mommy!"

We've always owned two dogs. The reason being is because when we do leave them home, they have each other for company. When we only had our Bull mastiff, he was completely stressed, vomiting inside our home until we brought home Wilbur. After that, our dogs stress was gone. Now that time has past from loosing one of our dogs, I've been thinking about a friend for Wilbur. For me, once you own a pet, you already have the responsibility therefore what's another? I know you're probably laughing because once you have three, four, five children, what's another two or five right!? I know! That's my point. Once a leap of dedication is made either to children or animals, your life is in a path where it could be easier to add then take away. For example, many people wonder how we manage everyday with so many children. Well, our days are dedicated. When we are missing even one child for dinner, I have a hard time remembering not to prepare their plate. Every time some of our children are missing, I'm developing a learning disability with subtraction. I can not grasp making less food, subtracting plates and when there is missing bodies at our kitchen table, I don't even sit there. There has been so many times where I've prepared food when our children weren't there! Like laundry, I have piles starting from youngest to oldest, when there isn't laundry for one of our children, I seem lost in my placement. Weird? Probably BUT I can add children more easily then taking away! What's really interesting, we have been spending sometime with my Mother. We will get into the van after a days adventure, my Mother will be counting children. (Making sure they are ALL there!) I keep saying, "Mom, they are all here and accounted for" I don't need to count our children, I know immediately if someone is missing. Although if we don't have our usual children that come with us daily, I have to remind myself they aren't with us. Subtracting of our family is more difficult then adding. This is an excellent trait because if someone went missing, I would notice immediately as stated above. Our dynamics change, this is what's weird. Most families with four children are cooking dinner, if we ever had only four children here, I couldn't cook dinner. There isn't enough people to cook for. For me, it would be almost pointless. We would probably go out for dinner! I also noticed that our children get lonely without their siblings, so can you imagine leaving a dog that isn't used to being alone, alone!? This is what saddens me with our dog when we leave him home. Animals are a part of our family and I would never leave one child sitting at home alone. (Well unless they were capable, old enough and wanting too that is) I doubt Wilbur would ever agree. So my thoughts lately have been on a dog. A companion. It seems to be a harder decision then adopting children. First off, should we bother? Then what breed? We aren't interested in large breeds nor yapping, snipping annoying breeds either. Wilbur is a Mini Labradoodle, his breed is loving, loyal and friendly to everyone. He barks but stops when finished. Non shedding, hypoallergenic and we just adore him. We never had him neutered in hopes for him to become a "Daddy" This is where I thought we could have the pick of the litter. Which brings my thoughts on finding a female. Know of a "Mommy" anywhere? This is what my thoughts have transpired for today! A possible search to make Wilbur babies!

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