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Monday, August 8, 2011

No place like home (this week)

From Miracle Beach, Port Alberni, Youbou to sending our second oldest son out commercial fishing, we've been making miles. It's been nice spending time with friends, basically other adoptive family friends. We must all have something in common! (Ha ha) One thing I know is when one, two, five of our children are behavioural, it's "Ok" (I think) Every time we get together with any family friends all our children seem to get along really well. They've even developed little crushes on each other. Then others are just in love. I often wonder if our circle of adoptive family friends will become all family through marriages one day. This picture was taken at Miracle Beach, a beautiful beach where the tide never seems to move out! (Kidding) Just not that day! Although we had enough sand for everyone to play in! Then a few days later we were invited for dinner at a friends home where our littlest daughter was able to sit on a bike. A bike designed for support. Not only support but the bike latches her feet in so she automatically gets the stimulation of bike riding while it's being pushed. This is the coolest outdoor mobile machine I've seen so far! The bike above is too big for her but it gives an idea of what she needs. It will also help strengthen her legs because one day she will walk! It was so cool to see her on a bike! We have a loop that we often take our children bike riding on and our littlest daughter doesn't like following in her wheelchair. SO this bike is on our next list of items to obtain! (I've hidden her face for identity reasons above) I noticed today that our children were more behavioural then most days. Louder, sneakier and I've decided that our day trips are coming to a relaxation mode here at home. Some home entertainment, some good times with friends coming over here for dinner and truthfully, there is no other place like home. Even our children know this.......until next week where we head out camping once again! Thank you for your invites and I'm glad that we feel we could return again! That's supportive friendship!


  1. What an awesome bike! I know she would LOVE that. Good luck!

  2. cool! Kyle loved his adapted trike! (and so did his sibs!)