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Friday, August 12, 2011

Yin Yang

Here's an update on my previous post regarding a friend for Wilbur. I find it interesting when sometimes the power of suggestion actually happens. First a female for Wilbur isn't happening anytime soon. Although I received a call asking if we were interested in "Adopting" a four year old purebred Shitzu girl. The lady is a local dog groomer that rescues dogs. Well this Shitzu has been fixed, all shots are up to date, is healthy and happy. I wasn't completely convinced about the idea of an older dog. I was worried about the interaction of our dog and on how this Shitzu would be with many children. Instead of saying, "No" my curiosity became the best of me. After all, what if this dog was a great match!? With no more being said, I took three of our youngest children and Wilbur to meet this little lady. Well, well, well.....Wilbur played happily with her like they already knew each other. Some of our children interacted with no problems. This little lady is a calm, loving and beautiful dog. A dog that I can see with our family. SO we have another pre-placement visit on Sunday. This Sunday we will bring more of our children and let Wilbur play a bit longer. It does need to be a good match. It reminds me of something, how about you? Then next week, this little lady will come visit at our home! If visiting at our home goes well, we will be in placement stage. A bit of history, she loves sleeping on beds with her owner, she loves to go hiking, barely barks and does the frog dog really well! (Laying flat with her back legs out) Her ears are shortened because of previous ear pulling attacks but basically friendly to everyone! I think she's a keeper. Then we found out her name.........YIN YANG. Yes........already the jokes are in the air, the laughter on her behalf. Although for short, we have two choices, Yin or Yang. I just can't see myself yelling, "YIN YANG" across a park. Yin yang is Chinese and means two forces. It could be good and evil or feminine and masculine. One is not better then the other. You need a balance of both. Interesting, in a home years ago we owned, in our bedroom was the Yin and Yang symbol. I always thought that represented my husband and I! The yin yang symbol is traditionally black and white. The outer circle represents everything while the black and white shapes represents different energies. For example, Yin could represent dark while Yang represents light and you need a fine balance of both. Perhaps that's why my husband and I are so connected........anyways turns out our soon to be new little girl is named Yin Yang. That's if the matching process goes along without a glitch. I also know why the previous owners named her Yin Yang, she's black and white and definitely a part of this universe. For us, Yin for short will suffice.

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