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Sunday, August 21, 2011


It was a great weekend consisting of a multi-family dinner and having a relaxing afternoon swimming. What made it great was our company. We have some close family friends. People that I would drop anything for. (Well not anything glass!) During the course of our dinner I was popping out hill-billy sayings, basically I was resorting back to my childhood. Well I thought it was entertaining because I was referring to our family. After all we do live in a rural treed area with no landscaping. We love it this way because it's dark at night, quiet and during the day or night we can have a bon-fire, ride go-carts and quads. No one is looking down our driveway because we have huge piles of fill growing weeds, we basically don't have to worry about peepers. It's a perfect place to raise our children. In fact for my own curiosity sake, I did a little research on what a true "red neck" really is. A few facts: 1. You need an estimate before confirming your barber......mmmm one step better, I line all our children up one by one and cut their hair, into the shower and done like dinner! 2. You have flowers planted in a bathroom appliance in your front yard.....mmmm another step better, we have no flowers but dried up twigs in our front planter boxes! 3. Around here, our vacume cleaner is a multipurpose tool, it not only cleans the floor; with home-made attachments made out of straws we can pull toy car wheels out of noses and suck belly buttons clean easier then using soap! 4."And I'm a monkey's uncle!" half the time when our children tell elaborate stories! I was thinking about true hill-billies and my husband wins the prize! 5. He's one of those plier teeth pulling garage types that flutter around once in awhile like a tooth fairy. No kidding, our children have witnessed it! 6. Around here my tongue usually twists around my eye teeth and I can't ever see what I'm saying which makes me hoot and holler! 7. Shoes around here are a choice, leaving in bare feet saves time. 8. In the above picture is one of our sons birthday cakes being lit with a propane torch cause we couldn't find a lighter. 9. Waking up to the breath of not your husband but your dog! 10. When it snows, quading your children around with their sleds forget sledding hills! (Just a few examples that our friends see from time to time) During dessert there was discussion about leaving the spatula out of the pie but instead just pass the pie amongst friends, after all we're all cousins and related in some way so what's wrong with sharing!? I know I sound nuttier than a port-a-potty at a peanut festival in this post but what's a little sense of humor once in awhile? Speaking of, have you ever mistaken Cheerios for a donut seed? Me neither but my husband came home with apricots instead of kiwis one day! It's "Ok" if you know my husband and I, we have fun with each other even if it's the truth! So in conclusion of this ridiculous post, if you see me walking by in my bare feet just realize I saved at least 10 minutes of my time trying to find my pairs. AND I was recently told that it's very therapeutic to walk in bare feet, we have many pressure points that will help our posture from the feet up! My ending quotes for thought, "You have enemies? Good. That means you stood up for something, sometime in your life" and "If I had to sum up friendship in one word, it would be comfort" Terri Guillemets. AND that was our weekend, comfortable with great friends.

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