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Thursday, August 25, 2011

We all made today special.....:)

This morning we weren't sure what our day entailed. I packed a picnic lunch and myself with eleven of our children and two dogs and went South. I wasn't sure where we were going. I drove through the drive through at Tim Horton's the wrong way apparently. I never seen so many angry people swearing at a van full of children before! It's interesting encountering these quick tempered individuals, I felt sorry for them as we turned up our music! A nice older gentlemen allowed me to budge in front of him so I wasn't the target of drive through rage anymore! I kindly paid for his order and high tailed it outta there! I still had no clue where we were going, I drove through a little town called Cowichan Bay. I never knew it existed until today! (It reminded me of Tofino in a way) We quickly stopped off at a friends house and finally ended up in Victoria, our final destination. Victoria is such a beautiful place. It was a bit tricky on how I was going to accomplish the ideas I had with our traveling animals. (The dogs) We always enjoy Beacon Hill Park, for me; it's a reminder of Hawaii with all the amazingly beautiful flowers and plants. This is where we had our picnic. Then we headed into the petting zoo. Right now they have baby piglets. In the above right picture I had to explain what the babies were doing AND why the Mommy pig was constantly oinking. Some of our children seemed concerned. It was funny. I explained they were nursing (in a more detail explanation) and maybe some baby piglets were biting their Mommy, and that wasn't very nice. This petting zoo allows your friendly canines if they don't bark or pester their animals. Our newest daughter was so happy being able to brush a goat. She was all smiles! Shortly after the farm, we left our van at the Beacon Hill Park and started walking towards the Parliament Buildings. During this time, seven of our children went in to see a Imax while the four left plus me and our two dogs sat on the grass waiting, playing on the field at the Parliaments. The day was working out......on our way back we stopped off to cool down at the tea-cup sprinkler. (Picture above left) I think it's the coolest sprinkler ever! One of our sons even washed one of our dogs off that rolled in duck poo while I was trying to take pictures! To end our day of unknowns, we went to our favorite place to bring children! Red Robin! The atmosphere is perfect. It was one of our sons birthday's recently, so while having dinner, the staff told him to stand on a chair while they sang, "It's your birthday!" It turned out to be a great day. Full of endless adventure. Our children were wonderful and helpful to help make it happen. (As it's not always positive) We have our moments where the day shortens immediately but not today. On our way home we screamed out our windows, honked the horn at our oldest daughter driving by in Victoria. It's a small world. We were home by 8pm with many "Thank yous" and comments stating, "Today was awesome Mom" My response was, "Thank you for listening, Thank you for helping" "We all made today special!" Now with silence, as I'm retiring off to bed, our oldest daughter called stating, "She heard us screaming!" That was with city traffic, different lanes, different directions in motion, some helium fed larynx's.....we were heard! A great ending to our day!

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