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Friday, March 22, 2013

"A Grand Friday!"

We had a great Friday. We ventured off to the lovely city of Victoria. I love Victoria. Our capital of British Columbia is gorgeous. We visit Victoria frequently throughout our warmer months. On our way there we stopped and had a picnic lunch on the Malahat. We were running late according to "our plans" because it takes us at least an hour and a half to get ready to go anywhere! (I don't know why!?) lol During our first Victoria visit this year we went straight to Beacon Hill park where spring has sprung! It was beautiful. We visited the petting zoo and all the babies are being born. It was so sweet. Here are some pictures shared below. Our children brushed the goats, and were also allowed with supervision to hold the baby goats. Our youngest daughter was thrilled with everything. Our little man wasn't sure about anything. The rest of our children were right in there brushing, petting and enjoying the farm animals.

After the petting zoo, my husband took all our children to the park. They fed the ducks, played at the park while I brought our little man to the Mountain Co-op Equipment Outlet store. I love this store. Anything and everything you need for the outdoors is in this store! There is only one on this Island. We went in and I purchased a baby back pack! I am so excited about this. I can now push a wheelchair while back-packing my little man. Not only that - we can go anywhere. Hike anywhere. There is no stopping us. I love this back pack! See - I'm simplistic, whatever brings us closer to the outdoors - I'm happy!

After that we went to our favorite restaurant for families. Red Robin. They are very accommodating to larger groups and children. Every time we go, the service is excellent. Our server Adam tonight was great. I always write our order with our individual names attached to each meal to make life easier. When the food arrives, our waiter/waitress can then just call out their names. I ask that they put their hands up when their name is called. Everything runs smoothly. After our dinner while packing up, a man from another table came and told my husband that we're amazing. I know we're watched all the time. We don't notice (sometimes) because we're caught up in our own world having dinner or whatever we're doing. It's like being in our own bubble. People have inquiring minds, they look at our dynamics of multiculturalism and special needs and we pop out like Angelina Jolie. I get it. We're so used to being watched that it's probably the same for Angelina - we don't notice anymore or if we do - it doesn't matter. We kiss more. lol Anyways, what's nice is, when someone is watching - they do approach and say something. We don't bite. So when this man came up to my husband and said, "You guys are amazing" I was happy. Not for the compliment per-say. But because he went to my husband. He above all needs to hear that because he is - amazing. I've written this before, and I will write it over and over again. Our children's daddy is on board. He's actively doing everything and we're a team. To end our dinner, I replied, "Our children are amazing" Honestly they were well behaved and that's why we can walk into a restaurant with our children and feel comfortable.

Dinner was great. You can't see everyone and some are missing. I enclose hearts to protect my children's identities even though some know who they are and that's fine. After dinner, my husband proceeded home and I went and purchased groceries. Yes two vehicles lead the way! It was a grand Friday.

"A tip - if you're feeling lost onto what to do with your children - pack your cooler, get into your vehicle and drive. There is always a destination to explore!" - Me.

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