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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Be crowned

We're well into our Spring break. Some of us have been to the movies, Jumping Jiminies, while another chose to go out for lunch with his Mom (Me) We have finished all our appointments, and now we're working on our children's requests. We have bowling, mini-golf, more luncheon dates, more nights out to the movies, swimming and of course a few day trips and hiking lined up! I'm not sure if I want Spring break to end. I know once May is here......I become antsy for summer to begin! Our Spring break hasn't been all outings, we've been home accomplishing our endless lists of chores to do. Organizing our school room, moving some of our children into different rooms, going through clothing and putting away winter jackets. Making a list for who needs what for next winter. Although when I came out of the closet......I thought I was going insane witnessing white flakes before my eyes. I just finished what I was doing, chuckled because I know those white flakes falling from the sky doesn't stick and sun is on its way! Or at least the sun is on its way and will melt anything that resembles snow away!

I haven't written lately about our new son. We really enjoy having a baby. At first it was taking a step back in time. With any new adoption, there's adjustments for everyone. What I find, and I've found this after every adoption placement we've had is within a month it seems like our child/children have been here forever. It doesn't take us long. I know for some of our children it definitely takes longer, especially with older adoptions. We just adapt, add in and carry on as a family. It's easier for us to add then take away. SO our little baby boy is a sweet, happy and content bundle of joy. He's running around, babbling and keeps handing us stuffing from inside a stuffed ball. It's so cute. There is this tiny little hole that he sticks his fingers into pulling out the stuffing, every time he's successful getting some, he comes running to give either Daddy or myself the stuffing looking so proud. I don't dare take the ball because this is his favorite thing to do right now. His nickname is "Our little man" He's treated like a king.

So far every one seems healthy and happy. Just what we ordered for Spring break! To conclude, my thoughts I know for sure....."With positive perseverance you can conquer the most challenging times. We all have moments of despair, grieving in one form or another, feelings of loss but it's on how we're going to deal with it, and move onward to a brighter future. Challenges will come and go, experiences are a must and I constantly preach to our children that life is a choice. An individual choice. Choose it well, be pro-active and success will crown you"

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