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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I'm going to be a grandmother!

Surprise again!

A road worth traveled. It's time to heal. Forgetting the past and moving forward into the future. I recently wrote a post to my daughter and her boyfriend. (Seen Below) From there, she responded. She's having a baby any day now! So guess where I am!? I'm in the Toronto area. I flew out within an hour, took an hour and a half taxi ride (I missed the last bus) out to where she is. It's been almost two years since I really seen her last, and lots of hurt along the way so it was a completely spontaneous move on my part. Now, my husband and I have decided to take them home, help them become established, support them and their baby. We're in the process of making arrangements to leave Toronto as soon as the baby is born. That's any day now! Hope to be home for Easter.

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