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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Our Spring Break!

For Spring break we're doing day trips according to the weather together. During the days of rain, we have suggested to our children that they decide what they want to do individually with their parent of choice. It can be anything within reason, an approximate four hour slot. Bowling, skating, swimming, movies, hiking, - you name it - whatever they choose, my husband and I have to do it. Sounds like fun!? I personally think this is an awesome idea. I can't wait to hear their requests, and make this time for themselves a reality! Stay tuned - it should be fun!

I have a few requests of my own this Spring Break. I would like to spend one day with my other mother. (Brenda) I don't like the word "step" and as you've probably noticed, I don't use it. We have never spent a day together. It's due.

I want to take a dear friend out to a dinner and theatre.

That's it! A short sweet post but leaving many upcoming posts revealing our Spring Break!

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