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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Keep connected

I went off to my home town to spend the day with my other mother. We found this little sushi place and we shared a few sushi dishes while discussing life. I haven't spent the day with her ever (that I remember) It was nice, after lunch we ventured off shopping. Of course I ended up finding clothing for our children! Once I start on one child, I have to finish purchasing for every child. It can be quite the ordeal. After shopping I dropped my mother back at home where my dad was waiting. I know, he would say, "I wasn't waiting" but he was waiting very patiently.

Reflecting back on my childhood, I always remember on how soft natured Brenda was. I'm not sure if she wasn't sure if she should get involved when situations arose during our child years. She just seemed to always be there regardless of the situation. I don't ever remember a raised voice, any anger - she just simply supported my father. Supported us. (My sister and I) Just a very soft woman is what I remember. I found her to be middle grounded. Meaning she wasn't someone to push into my life nor was she someone that wasn't in my life. She was just there. As an adult with children of my own, middle aged - I reflect on my past. The importance of people and how they supported my adolescent years. We don't realize until later the importance of someones love until we reflect back. While in the moments of life, I think it's very rare to say, "Wow, this person loves me" Until we reflect on it later. Brenda is no different then me. She loves and blood doesn't matter. The most important stumbling block I find within people is about who carries the same blood and somehow that makes a difference connecting. Anyone can "make" a child. That doesn't make you a parent, a mother nor a father. It's love and connection to each other that makes a family. Brenda is just that.

I'm truly blessed. I have two great mothers, two great fathers and a big family (that if not now) eventually our children will feel the same way I do. My children don't even realize how special it is to have Grandparents. I never had any. I'm at the point in my life where I embrace and recognize who's important. It's great to spend quality time (one on one) with our children, it's excellent to spend time with others who are important to us too. It was special spending time with someone that has invested her time with me for many years. A good mother and grandmother as far as I'm concerned.

Blood is a supply of oxygen, supply of nutrients, removal of waste, coagulation, regulation of our ph functions and our body temperature plus many more important physical factors including genetics. Blood doesn't make a family. Love does......keep connected to who's important to you. My thoughts for today.

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