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Saturday, March 16, 2013

"A smile"

Back before Christmas I met a wonderful couple of elderly siblings that live together. They had previous lives consisting of marriage. With their loved ones gone, they decided to move back in together. Supporting each other through their elderly years. A prime example on how siblings remaining together through adoption is very important. Me meeting them was meant to be. I met them sitting in a restaurant. Once today I feel very much love and connection towards them. We send each other things through the mail, and we've talked several times on the phone. They've even asked us to come stay, all eighteen of us! Imagine that!? (Except technically there isn't eighteen around here anymore) I wrote a previous post called, The Christmas Tree" This was about on how we met and what happened next that took place. The reason why I've chosen to re-highlight this story is because we're becoming good friends. This wouldn't have happened if Arno didn't mention how cute my son was while walking by us that evening. On how I in-return stopped by their table on my way out. You know, it's very contradicting telling our children not to talk with strangers then meanwhile I talk with strangers all the time. I do believe children shouldn't talk with strangers unless they're with their parent. I also believe us adults should talk with strangers. We know and understand, we can feel what's potentially dangerous or not. I was a very shy child growing up, I'm still somewhat reserved. Although with having many children, many different medical professionals in our life and including dealing with complaints from schools, other parents and constables - I've learned to be pro-actively outspoken. This has enhanced my life. Meeting Connie and Arno was very special. I feel very blessed to have these two wonderful compassionate siblings in our life. This morning Connie called me, checking up to see how we're doing. These two I can easily add as Grandparents for our children, while proving it's about connection and love rather then blood. So when you feel in your heart to speak with someone across the restaurant, or while on a ferry, bus or even walking through the mall. Follow your heart. You never know who you'll meet and just sometimes - you will meet that special person/people that will enhance your life, your family and to add that much more to every one's hearts. If not, I've noticed a smile is enough acknowledgement sometimes - which can brighten a lonely persons day. If we all could practice a more "pay it forward" attitude, the world would be a much better place and you would be surprised onto whom you will meet along the way! "Love you Connie and Arno - forever!" And to the little boy in the wheelchair on the ferry, how wonderful it was for our daughter and himself to have each other to connect with, even for a short while as strangers in passing.

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