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Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Ernie and Chicken featuring Gumbie Clips!

While at home, I'm getting everything accomplished before leaving next week. Our littlest daughter is doing amazingly well considering the last twelve days. We have a birthday to celebrate and a much needed family weekend planned. During our last hospital stay my daughter and I made short clip videos. These videos as simplistic, as amateur as they are and while they completely suggest I'm insane, kept us smiling! Even on those down days! Now broadcasting live on my blog to share for every ones amusement, it's the Ernie, Chicken and Gumbie show!

"The mother's battle for her child with sickness, with poverty, with war, with all the forces of exploitation and callousness that cheapen human life needs to become a common human battle, waged in love and in the passion for survival" - Adrienne Rich.

"Silly as my amateur mini-clips is...our daughter smiles every time she watches; a wish that came true!"


And a huge "Thank you" for a friend that brought our daughter's props to make our video clips and the yummy food to the hospital! Especially to her daughter that picked out the "Chicken" I also am very thankful and appreciative for every ones support, including two friends that dropped off meals for my husband and my children while I was away! Love you all! Our daughter says, "Thank you! and Thank you Grandma and Grampa for the pink pig!"

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