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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


This will be the only and last time I write about a comment that I'm not posting. The reason why I'm not posting it because it's completely coming from a source that I'm aware of that doesn't have any of their facts straight. So on their behave I wanted to mention that I did not say I disliked my Doctor nor the Ministry. I merely stated I didn't like the Doctor's comments regarding adoption. I actually love the fact our Ministry and Families exist and including foster care. Without them, our children wouldn't be safe. We just don't want to foster. I am completely honest when I write, and as much as I write that my husband and I do everything ourselves - that's true. This is our family. Yes there is supports such as Occupational, Practical, Speech therapies that all children are entitled too and including supports from our homeschooling for their education. There is supports offered everywhere for anyone if needed. For our children that qualify for the "At home program" They can receive diapers, formula and therapy equipment. There is PAA - (Post Adoption Assistance) available for families that qualify. There is an application process, and your child/children need to be designated for PAA, then you have to be approved for certain services provided or needed. Our family, our children isn't a paid position. So.....are we generously paid to adopt? My answer is, "No" Unfortunately individuals like yourself are quick to make assumptions and judge. Everyone, is entitled to their opinion whether it's right or wrong. I'm sorry that you are mislead and feel that we are something that we are not. I openly write, educate potential adoptive families and I speak on the AEP's (Adoption Education Panels) Nothing is hidden here. I know not all my readers follow because they like us - so the ones following that don't - I'm not posting your ridiculous comments on my blog unless you know what you're writing about.

On a better note - my daughter and I are home for now! Yahoo!

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