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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Touch down

I started writing this on the flight home. The last couple of days were exhausting. Originally I flew out to attend and support the birth of my grandchild and from there, I was on a mission to bring my daughter home. The living conditions weren't suitable for a baby. There was a cat we had to deal with that seemed to have previous physical trauma before my daughter and her boyfriend received it. There was a huge elimination of material items. We came home with a few bags. At one point I wasn't sure if we should stay, or leave due to her onset of false labour. Finally.....two days later her contractions stopped and we needed to make the move. I purchased tickets onto a full aircraft heading towards Vancouver. Amazingly our travels remained calm. During my Ontario experience I met a wonderful lady through a friend back home. Ironically this lady (now a friend) lived in the same city we were in. She was absolutely wonderful, driving us to where we needed to go, researched onto where and how to do it while giving us so much support. I was overwhelmed with appreciation, without her – it would have been difficult. As I'm reflecting, I am just besides myself with not only gratitude but pure amazement we were able to literally purchase the last seated flights, meet and receive such wonderful support from the most wonderful lady. Leaving her I cried. She cried. Within those few short but long days, this woman meant so much to me. An instant connection and love once again with a stranger now a friend. Not only was this experience emotional and physically draining on many levels, it was a miracle. I write that because I have my daughter back. We were able to come home before her babies birth. We met another beautiful person in this crazy mixed up world that saved us. She truly was our blessing. I feel such a release forgiving. It hit me on the flight home, I teared. I teared because we did it. We're moving onto another chapter. I'm a grandmother soon supporting my young adult daughter and her boyfriend. And honestly, I'm at peace doing so. A part of me felt empty thinking I wouldn't share the birth of my grand child and worse, never to see my daughter and grandchild ever again. I constantly questioned myself if I'm making the right choices but you know doesn't matter what people think. This is about love, and life. I never thought our life would be an easy road. It's a road of rocks, sticks and different paths along the way and I'm strong enough to get pricked, trip, make a wrong turn but at least the outcome is a positive one. I out of anyone now can say, “I've been through it all” and I'm becoming good at it. Lol Sixteen children. I still wouldn't change my life. It's one day at a time with our life and that's ok too. March proved to be interesting and now it will be a new month and a brand new chapter. Most importantly, my husband is a good man. He can hold the fort while I fly off changing lives, he forgives and when I was worried about all the costs, he said something that will always remain in my mind. “Life is priceless” “We are reconnecting with our daughter, witnessing our grandchild being born and supporting like parents should unconditionally” As much as my life can be challenging and stressful at times, I still wouldn't change it. I sure do love my family and my supportive understanding husband. Home for the holidays and a baby awaits to come into this world in a stable loving environment, not much more I can ask for – yet. Next up, a new arrival soon at home! I want to endlessly thank everyone who supported us along the way, who understands our choices and to conclude this post – Strength and forgiveness relies within, I know first hand how it hurts not to move forward in a more positive manner. I will always share honestly my experiences  because I know, I've been there and back a few times over. What I know for sure - “Life is too short; live, love, forgive and don't look back” - Me.

Ps – long story longer.....I had a two our conversation with a gentlemen sitting next to me on the flight home. He was on a business trip. Of course we talked about children. Then he passed me his business card and told me there is a work available in my area! Wow! Thank you Ken! Proven again – there is many good people out there! We just need to acknowledge each other! Writing exhausted is an excellent release of what brain power I have left except for all the grammar errors! Now a good nights rest - I think.


  1. You are such an inspiration! Every day I thank the Good Lord for bringing you into my life. Without you there are many days I wouldn't know what to do. Then He redirects me to you and your blog. Thank you for sharing your life so openly and honestly. You have no idea how you help others on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis.
    Love, Hugs, and Blessings,

  2. "Awe" Thank you so much. I write for not only my own releases but to hope to help others because I truly believe with all our life experiences and challenges - we all have the same qualities to succeed. Just sometimes, we need to either hear or read it to be reminded we're never alone. One day at a time. And whether my choices brings more challenges being right or wrong, I will face them knowing in my heart I'm doing what's best for my children - always. I didn't come into this life lightly. I will continue to write as long as my mind allows lol I love all of you! Happy Easter!