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Sunday, November 4, 2012


Lately I've been focused on Christmas. I have a great start. I was constantly stared at in two separate stores within this past month as my carts were toppling over. I would like to say that I don't go over-board with Christmas. In all fairness to myself - our Christmas looks over the top because if you add even five gifts per child, we would have at least 70-75 presents under the tree just for our children alone! Now you can imagine adding in the stockings, and presents that come from other family members! Christmas morning unwrapping presents usually lasts until we eat dinner! Every Christmas my husband is collecting the garbage, fighting to untie doll hair from the boxes and assembling toys. I'm in the kitchen. This year I've decided to cook everything the day before. It will eliminate the kitchen somewhat. We aren't going and staying in a chalet at Mt. Washington. I will not subject ourselves to any possible blizzards and contaminated hot-tubs this year! I want a low-key less work (wishing) Christmas. As I plan, purchase and organize our Christmas the more I feel prepared. Besides exercising halted. With the homeschooling, therapy appointments, doctor/specialist appointments extra......I've been somewhat "busy" My focus slightly shifted this fall season onto other things. I can still find that hour in my day but it's been directed to online homeschooling ordering and printing out planning for the next day. Lately, that's me in one big nutshell. (lol) Shifting the topic......on Sunday my Father and Mother came over for lunch. Every time one of our children have a birthday, they come providing a present. They live approximately an hour and a half away. They've been visiting frequently, they have attended some of our adoption events and have shown tons of support towards adoption and all their new grandchildren throughout the years. I've written about this before that when significant life changes happen, isolation can occur with family and friends. For us, having a large family; isolation definitely exists. I completely understand and have accepted any forms of distance between family and friends because every ones life is different. I know there is several reasons why our invites are minimal but that goes with the territory adopting many children. Most aren't used to the noise and any on-going stimulation of little quick bodies moving around or a sudden scream here and there. (Ha ha) For us living our life from day to day is what we know and what we're used too. It's only our normal, so that's where I understand. An outside family member did honestly say to me one time that she/he can't cope with some of our special needs. You know....honesty is the best medicine and because I know, I understand. Now when we have other family making miles, making the effort and really a part of our children's lives.....recognition doesn't go unnoticed. I've found even being an Auntie over and over again with my husband's brother's family (16 children) It's about me making the effort to be their Auntie. How enriched I am. Like my Father and Mother an hour and a half away and my Mother and Father in our area......our children love them. They're excited to see them. They embrace and accept every time they've made the effort to be in their lives. Having a family is key, having extended love within that family is a huge part of feeling accepted. Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles are important. So after having an afternoon with their grandparents, it not only enriched their day - I do believe it enriched their grandparents day! After all, Grandma left with tomato sauce all over her neck from a hug, she couldn't get that anywhere else! For me, regardless of any types of distance for whatever reason, the little times spent are definitely quality. And for the family and friends that go that extra mile, I can honestly say and what I think for sure - it's enriching for every ones souls and hearts. And a "Few things are more delightful than grandchildren fighting over your lap" - Doug Larson. And "We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves" - Henry Beecher. I really do love, appreciate and will always be grateful for my parents. That includes my mother Brenda and my father Stan because I've been enriched with four parents! Dad - I know you're reading.....I love you guys and "thank you" so much for being in my life and our children's lives! It means more then you know.

 I wanted to share a lunch I made, it was excellent! Homemade English pizza muffins!

Pre-toast the English muffins
Prepare the tomato paste with garlic, Italian seasoning, salt and pepper
Prep and dice, Jalapenos, yellow peppers, tomatoes, green onions, cook and dice bacon and shred jalapeno mozza cheese and cheddar cheese.
Add all ingredients to the English muffins, bake until melted.
Leave out bacon if Vegetarian
Experiment with food - "it's fun!"

And nothing is better then sharing it with people you love!

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