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Monday, November 26, 2012

Fish eyes bounce?

When I thought I had enough to do, I decided last minute that it's smoking salmon week. So today consisted of filleting and brining fish. Wednesday morning I will start smoking! Every year I smoke salmon. This year I started late but it will be done by Friday! I like it for our holiday platters and mostly throughout the year I make sushi. So in the middle of everything else on my list, I will be smelling like fine smoke with a hint of fish! It's funny because if I have to leave the Indian Chief for an outside errand, I leave as is. No point changing my clothes when my hair reeks of smoking cedar chips and salmon. "Mmm mmm" During the filleting today, our home schooled children were able to dissect the fish heads. You might think I offered such a treat but they practically begged to see what's inside a fish head. So if you have a weak stomach, stop here and don't proceed browsing the pictures posted below. lol The fourth picture is a fish head cut in half, our son wanted every little organ, all the little pieces collected and recognized before he was finished. It reminded me of myself when I was a child. I wanted to see if the fish eyeballs bounced. Today our son wanted to see how big the fish brain was. It was small. Although learning about the fish brains was fascinating. Fish do have a cerebellum which is the prominent structure in the brain of a fish. They sense pressure, maintain balance and regulate muscle movements. Although their brains are not sufficiently developed to allow them to sense fear or pain. So rest assured, these little fishes knew nothing before hitting our sink! We also learned that fish do have tongues. It's called basihyal, a bony structure on the floor of it's mouth that resembles a tongue. It doesn't have taste buds, it isn't muscular and it has limited range of motion. From what we understand, it definitely resembles a tongue but it doesn't act like one - the only reason it's there is to protect the aorta which lies very close to the mouth. Most fish have colour vision. I suggested for our son to try and bounce the eye although it was just too sticky. Which leads me questioning, "Do they bounce?" Who knows.....a mystery not solved today. Fish heh - weird creatures but they sure make some awesome smoked salmon!

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