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Thursday, November 8, 2012

"My first Christmas gift"

I was contemplating on what book I was going to read next. Asking myself, "Do I have time?" Then my sister in law sent me my Christmas present early. A book. Not just a book. It's the Woman of Faith, Study Bible. I normally never write on sensitive topics such as this one but I thought......"I write on almost everything else, so why not?" I will admit my knowledge is minimal when it concerns the Bible. I read absolutely everything else and I couldn't help questioning myself, "Why not read this one?" Speaking for myself, I think the Bible is difficult to read and to understand. It's in verses one after another but I've noticed that if you learn to flow with it while reading, all the verses collaborate into each other. I've only briefly turned a page. My husband and I haven't read the Bible. My husband probably never will. He's a motor magazine flipper. I can honestly write that I thought I would never read the Bible. I've always believed into believing what works, accepting all spiritual faiths and adapt them into our multi-cultural home. Lately this question keeps coming back to me....."Why not read the Bible?" The interesting part of my answer is....there is no answer. My mind draws a blank. As hard as I scramble to answer the question, it's always blank. Really, there is no logical excuse not too. Sure I might not understand it but I also didn't understand many things until I read it or lived to experience it. So my next book is my Christmas gift. I feel this Christmas is blessing me in several ways and that will be another post to explain. For now......I will read the most popular and probably the most misunderstood book in the world and see for myself what I think. I had someone tell me recently to stop listening to other people when it concerns the Bible and to read it for myself. I find with all the different religions stemming from one book they contradict each other. So how does one choose what faith to follow? Here's a thought......there is Christians, Catholics, Jehovahs, Buddhists and many other types of religions that I find follow the same type belief systems but they slightly veer off in different directions. My thought is......they're all following the same God just interpreted differently. So.....will God accept everyone who believes but follows within their own interpretation? Please feel free to post because I can also be writing out of context very ignorantly because I'm only seeking the truth and I think most of us are. Us humans need and crave something more then what life has to offer. I know this. I'm also brave enough to openly write about what some of us are afraid of. I use the word "afraid" because I've felt afraid of even searching, and yes - approaching this sensitive topic. Individuals might ask, "Why would you be afraid?" My honest, honest, honest answer to that is; "I don't want to make a mistake and misinterpret something as important as the Bible and live my life following a faith that contradicts how I feel. It's like a battle within yourself constantly questioning, "IS this right?" I also have this huge over-bearing feeling of having compassion for all; meaning and questioning God onto why good people who don't follow but perhaps believe (in their own interpreted way) won't go to heaven? This is where I'm ignorant of course.....yes and admitting because I know many who are reading....have most of these answers already. I also know.....I will know the answers too after reading myself. I'm starting to realize that the journey towards God is a battle, I also think it's not about a "religion" It's about yourself and having a relationship with yourself and God. Which makes me doesn't matter if you've been labelled Christian, Catholic, Jenovah or Buddhist, it's not the congregation that spiritually connects you, it's you and who you are spiritually connected too. The congregations only support and teach their interpretations. Anyways....I am a thinker. I think about absolutely everything and I would love to write professionally one day....(grammar enhanced).... thinking, writing and expressing on any topic. Journalism is a critical and sensitive hobby or (career) and eventually when I start my book.....I will be prepared and I will have lots of factual experiences to offer. For now through this blog and what I share is only my own baby steps. Bare with me..........I might possibly have a story to tell as I'm carefully experiencing and researching my way there. For now, my latest research is "The Bible"

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  1. Hi, I was thrilled to see that you are planning to read the Bible, seeking the truth. Good for you!! It is the BEST Book to read! It is made up of 66 books, and I would like to recommend that you start with reading the book called John, followed by the book called Romans. You will be introduced to Jesus, who is truly the Son of God. You will learn about the life-changing truth of what He did on your behalf.
    You are right in your comment that you don’t want to make a mistake and misinterpret something as important as the Bible, and in your comment that it’s not about a “religion” but it is about having a personal relationship with God.
    I am looking forward to reading further posts on your blog as you continue seeking the truth from the Bible….. And trust that you will experience the new life that comes from the discovery of God and his book, the Bible.
    From Cindy (we were your neighbors while camping this summer at Comox Lake).