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Monday, November 5, 2012


It's just been confirmed that our dog Wilbur successfully impregnated Marley. Two non-shedding mini-labradoodles. Marley is due Nov 15th. I'm not the breeder. I just have the stud. Back in August I wrote about our interesting experiences with Wilbur's first visit to the vet that didn't involve shots!. If you haven't read that post and need a laugh, here it is: Just scroll down to the last paragraph to the semen collection. Well it worked! Right now I have no idea how many puppies will be born although the breeder introduced me to Skype. I've heard about this site before where you can see each other while chatting. Basically a live online web cam. I was never interested until now. The breeder informed me that the birth of these puppies will be on live, then you can follow the growth of the puppies at all times through skype. So I made an account. I thought what I great opportunity for our children to watch puppies grow, play, eat and whatever else they do. In order to follow the puppies live online, you do have to make an account and download skype. After that, around Nov 15th when the puppies are due, the live video should be available. Under goldendoodles all lower cased one word. If you're interested in a puppy, they are $1000.00. From experience with our dog Wilbur, they are very loyal, loving and very gentle. Great family pets and great around children. And many children! I've had many breeds and these mini-labradoodles I've found to be the best. Intelligent and quick to train. A breed that is fun, playful but laid back. (Not over the top, ADHD kind of dog) So if you're interested and want a loyal companion for the New Year, let me know. Marley the mother's temperament is exactly like Wilbur's. We had the honor of her visits while attempting to help the natural way for conception. Now a memory I'll never forget. (Ha ha) If interested; it's first deposit picks first until the litter is sold. Which is $500.00 then the other half is due when the puppy is picked up in the New Year. If not interested, you can still follow their birth and first 8 weeks live online! I thought this live online web cam was pretty cool. The breeder was explaining that the really neat thing about it is, the waiting owners can watch their puppies from day one. Or there has been occasions where people have chosen and purchased through watching on skype. Interesting our technology. I'm going to end this post with a funny picture I took of both parents. Marley is the slightly larger brindle colored dog hitting Wilbur in the face. Wilbur with his loving personality just squinted and took the abuse. After all.....she had a reason to hit wasn't fun trying over and over again until being subjected to artificial insemination!

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