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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Remember the days....

Remember the days......when there was "good" television  programs aired? There is great programs on now but there is nothing better then watching the good ole classics! The interesting part about watching these old programs is, our children like them too. They are clean. They have good conclusions. Some of our favorites are "Three's company" Of course,  "Happy Days" "Little house on the prairie" Remember the "Golden Girls?" Gilligan's Island I used to watch when I breastfed our third son at 3am in the morning. Roseanne! I loved Roseanne! Dukes of Hazard. Green acres.....My three sons and Bewitched! What I've noticed now that television repeats itself just like family cycles do. What about "Hee Haw!" or "The Twilight Zone?!" Alfred Hitchcock, The X Files my husband and I used to watch religiously together back in the 90210 I watched every episode when my first daughter was only two years old. Now I can't even subject myself to the new version!  I loved watching "Cheers!" And there was a show called "Night Court" around that time too! Like cartoons, I still think the good ole classics are the best! The Smurfs made a return, while the Bugs Bunny and Tweety show lives on and Tom and Jerry! There was The Carebears, The Flintstones, Aligator Al and Yogi Bear! Do you remember the talking horse, Mr.Ed? Besides television shows.....language has changed. Like "sick" doesn't mean "I'm sick" It means cool or awesome. "Like that's epic man" That must be better then sick! When I was a teenager it was narley. When I mention anything over the head like 747, I am then questioned, "What is 747!?" Lately it's been "legit" LEGIT? When I ask our young teens what legit means to them, it means they bought that game, it's serious. It's legit! Sweet. lol Legit it is then! Like I seriously just wrote this legit sick epic blog man that completely 747 most of my readers dude but heh; I don't need to make sense either, life is narley. I think now that I'm "almost" 40 and feeling the difference with time, it's really epic. (I mean neat and interesting) Honestly, it is really cool witnessing the difference and remembering the days when I personally think life was slightly cleaner then it is now. Even the items we buy aren't new ideas.....the cabbage patch dolls, the ridiculously priced furbies aren't new! I had one when I was a child, I actually do remember! Our children tonight was looking at me weird while I danced to " Happy Days" It was playing on a ole movie. I just reflected, reverted and remembered the days............when it seemed cleaner, somewhat simpler but our reality is our next generation has taken over. I will tell you though, it doesn't stop me from playing "The Waltons" or the "Swiss Family Robinson" The Brady Bunch was excellent.......funny......The Brady Bunch seemed so functional, always working together, happy and life always came out positive. Mmmmm....must of been a television show! Then there was Lassie and The Littliest Hobo. Agh.....I loved so many shows back then. Now I write because there's nothing great on television anymore. So I conclude this post with the theme song from " Happy Days" because they were, happy days. Now today we move on to another epic adventure and may the force be with us while the ride continues. And if you're younger then me, "Your time is coming" for remembering your days! For the rest of us....."Enjoy Happy Days"

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