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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chasing Mavericks

I recently watched a movie based on a true story called Chasing Mavericks. Mavericks is the biggest waves on earth. A young boy survived his childhood with his alcoholic Mother that kept loosing jobs one after another, slept from hangovers and there was no stability, no meals prepared and in order for their bills to be paid, the boy worked through his schooling years. This courageous boy was mature beyond his years and had one passion, surfing. He had no father figure until he met his neighbor, a man that surfed mavericks. From there, their relationship became strong, supporting each other with many life challenges. The man with surfing experience taught the boy to become the first youngest to surf one of the World's biggest waves. I like movies and books that are real. This movie had many inspirational teachings within the film. Surviving loss, dealing with grief, emotionally fronting your fears, accepting, forgiving, following your passions and loving another as a father, as a son and moving forward. Unfortunately the end wasn't what I suspected but all throughout this movie I was reading between the lines. It was heart felt. Before even going I heard it wasn't that good.......but I enjoy going to the movies and I was going to make my own opinion about this film. I thought it was inspirational. Of course I can relate anything with adoption. For this boy, he grew up in conditions that weren't idealistic. He wasn't adopted although the relationship he had with the man turned into the father figure he needed. For the two of them, they connected as a family. During the movie I kept thinking, "Wow, this kid is amazing. Focused. Passion driven. A genuine good kid helping his alcoholic mother while steering away from any teenage influences that existed all around him" "He always kept positive" He was even bullied to an extent because he was powerfully driven inside to do what's right. He made good choices. I don't want to ruin the movie so I can't really go in depth any farther although I do forewarn you, it's a tear jerker. Even afterwords I was thinking that if our young teenagers and adults could read between the lines during a movie, it might inspire many different changes. Including parents that aren't parenting. I think this movie covered both sides. Then of course, what the movie was more likely really intended for was his success, triumph and my word again......dedication. Teaching that if you want something bad enough, you will work for it and believe in yourself to achieve it. The title Chasing Mavericks doesn't just mean chasing waves, it means chasing what you believe in, accomplishing and mastering all your odds along the way. I suggest pass along my blog link (as I always hope to inspire) or read/watch the movie at least. What I do think for sure is everyone has the thought of achieving, bettering themselves or believing that they the little engine that could, "I think I can, I think I can" but the difference is this boy had will, dedication which means work and he succeeded the mavericks. With anything in life......"anything".....we just can't think it. We not only have to believe it, we have to work towards it - prove it. Thoughts and outwardly speaking is just a beginning of what can be, action is a powerful sequence of steps that must be taken while adding ongoing dedication to succeed. Not easy. Life style changes aren't easy. Goals aren't easy. If it's a maverick, a mission or a change - the first question is, "How important is it to you?" Then decide what you need to do from there............and remember the "cliche" - "Actions speak louder than words!" Then turn those baby steps into successful miles. Start with a night out to the movies watching, "Chasing Mavericks"

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