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Thursday, November 15, 2012


My last post came from left field and this post should be coming from the right. (maybe the centre) I've been completely brain fogged organizing absolutely everything so life as I know it runs smoothly into the New Year. Besides doctor, specialist and therapy appointments, I've been scheduling field trips, ordering while budgeting for ongoing school supplies while finishing laundry, cleaning and maintaining our home, stirring up breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then adding Christmas. Two weeks before December and our lights are up, half our Christmas presents are wrapped, Christmas cards are ready to be mailed thanks for scrap booking with friends. Then the occasional movie and reading before I go to bed. Believe me there is a lot more to this multi-tasking then meets the eye.....stay tuned.....something might surprise you. For now, I've been really enjoying homeschooling. Surprise, surprise. I'm starting to grasp the concept of their curriculum's, planning for their next day, their next week and what's really awesome is I just love our educational assistant! She has been amazing. I was able to give her more hours with our school funding, she is here 25 hours a week! Our home has many different professionals coming and going. I wasn't sure how I felt about different people weekly entering our home although what I've noticed, what I've felt.....soon all these important professionals supporting our children become family. For instance, our EA could be my daughter. We've discussed not only our children's schooling, we've discussed personal life goals. I love my life lately. Not that I didn't before but when I really sit down and contemplate life, it's good. I feel peaceful. Everything that was stressing me perhaps before, like designing a school room, homeschooling five children - now has subsided. I am a huge intellectualist. I brainstorm absolutely everything. (Just in case you didn't notice!) I love to learn, experience and when I'm tackling a new area in our life, I prefer it to be correct from the beginning. With stating that, life is never perfect and sometimes a guessing game with mistakes a long the road. It's "Ok" to fine-tune and make adjustments that "I tell myself" Like the Bible I've starting reading. I started reading from the beginning realizing this isn't a book typically read from cover to cover, so I started in Mathew. For me, it's a slow process because I need to grasp the concepts before moving on. Like our homeschooling, like welcoming different professionals into our home and learning that change is good but most importantly having patience with myself to grasp all these new dynamics. This light bulb clicked on inside me recently realizing that over analyzing, over stressing for the correct way is unnecessary because eventually at the end of the day everything becomes clear. If it doesn't, that day is over anyways. I will always think about absolutely everything. I will think enough for all of us. lol For right now......I love who I am. I love my organization strength, multi-tasking and intellectual skills. I can improve on grammar and editing although I just love my life. I love my family, and I love the friends we have in it. I don't know much about God. What I feel though is a connection building, surrounding around us, around myself - of love, support and more individuals understanding us as a large adoptive family mastering all odds to remain together. It's not easy. Which makes me very grateful for compassionate people, for the professionals, for individuals like our EA, and our friends and family. So as I multitask, move onward, I thank you. I honestly thank my life......and my path because its truly my dedication.

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