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Thursday, December 8, 2011

"There is some people that instantly make me smile"

Tonight we attended a First Nations Christmas Celebration dinner that was hosted through our District. We nestled at the back sliding two 8 chaired tables together. A really nice surprise was one of our previous foster family's was there, a family that is now titled Grandma and Grandpa. They still foster a little boy that our now daughter used to live with, he's also still up for adoption. When we can (normally only illnesses keep us away) we attend different First Nation events and ceremonies. The dinner tonight was more special then just any other event because everyone who supports our children were there. It's a community coming together. When we first starting adopting, we sought out our local liaison workers. Two workers especially have touched our family's heart. One worker that is currently involved with our children made us a drum with all our names on it last year. A drum that has significant meaning and has become a very sentimental gift. This First Nation's Liaison worker isn't just attending a career position, she truly loves and shows compassion for our family. In a previous post I was writing about our adoption worker, as her - there is some individuals that really put their heart into peoples lives and for me raising so many children, I notice who stands out. Normally I come across very quiet, calm and silently drawn to just my family but I'm paying attention to our surroundings, to whom I feel is important - those people usually puts an instant smile on my face. This is what our liaison worker does for me, makes me smile. Just a wonderful person, beautiful inside and out. Most importantly our children love her. She shared with me that our thirteen year old son stopped her in the hallway and asked, "Can you teach me your language?" She asked him, "Yes, why?" He responded saying, "So I can talk to my mom and she wouldn't know what I was saying!" I laughed telling her, "Teach him words of love!" If I had more time, I would have explained to her that for our son to show interest is pretty significant and that in itself shows what a wonderful job she does showing our children she cares. Because I remember a time years ago where our son wouldn't even respond being spoken too, now he is openly seeking people he trusts, who shows him he's important. It's nice to witness. After dinner my husband left early with half of our children. (Some need more sleep then others) I followed later. It was a great night with drumming songs, dance performances, door prizes, raffles, gifts and a salmon, caesar salad, lasagna and hot dog meal. Something for everybody. Now that it's Friday.......we are looking forward to the weekend!

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