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Friday, December 16, 2011

"Sure is quiet"

We are ready for Christmas except for the wrapping! Just a minor detail that will take hours! I'm really excited that school is finally over for the holidays. I can't express that enough. I was grocery shopping today and a quietness occurred while waiting in several long lineups. You know how people will just look at you, throw a smile while waiting to pay for their items. It was very busy but while I stood there it was interestingly quiet. I even made a comment to the lady ahead of me, "Sure is quiet" She looked at me like I was an alien from another planet. I started questioning myself, "It must be me?" In fact it is me. Of course a grocery store such as Costco and Superstore isn't quiet, especially one week before Christmas on a Friday! I stood in lineups today in my own little world. My world is very quiet. I have the ability to tune out noise, action and different scenarios going on. My husband constantly questions me on how I do it!? I explain to him that it's the same idea as not jumping onto someones boat when they're arguing. It's not ignoring but almost a blank slate like a 747 jet, it's a peace of mind. Something I can have at any time if I choose too. Although today for the first time I didn't recognize I was doing it and that's why I commented to the lady, "Sure is quiet" when the store was completely packed full of noisy people. My lineup experiences today (to me) was so peaceful. I didn't even notice how long I was standing there. I know what it is with me.....I have "inner peace" It doesn't matter what the world is doing around me, or perhaps how chaotic it gets.....I have the understanding to keep myself strong during stress and I'm spiritually at peace within myself. To explain this to anyone, or on my blog, or to my husband I must sound like that alien but I caught myself having it today without thought. Most people would call this "spaced out" lol  Not exactly. I was completely not wanting to shop at all, I was definitely making miles quickly with my squished crinkled list times two, I knew exactly what I was doing, where I was going but in my own mind it was quiet. What is interesting was I questioned reality (the noise) to my own state of harmony. (Of course I sound like an alien) If anyone is confused on what I'm writing about, for example; with our littlest daughter - if we say, "No" She closes her eyes. This in her mind is saying, "I can't see you therefore that "no" you just said doesn't exist either!" You can actually train yourself to have inner peace, silence when it's noisy or not jumping on that boat. I'm not 100% there because sometimes I need to jump onto the boat.....then I'm on a ride that perhaps I didn't want.......realizing next time don't jump. It's all about learning on how to deal with anything and our choices and our reactions always define the outcomes. Like today, I didn't want to shop but within myself I made it peaceful and quiet. It's too bad the lady in front of me didn't feel it too. Believe me, if you put your mind to it....."Sure is quiet" is a reality like anything you put your mind's all up to you!

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