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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A little of this & that while staying "Positive!"

The big day is getting close and we're ready! In fact beyond ready. Our children are extremely excited. Beyond excited! I will admit we have some escalated behaviors. There is no warnings around here, it's straight to time-outs. For the past couple of days our littlest daughter has been sick with a fever. I thought it was hard before maintaining food intake, this week it's been a challenge. With her special needs it's been also a struggle consoling her. (Very, very cranky) Last night was a long, long, long night of no sleep. I contemplated at three am staying up is looking brighter. We have different platter nights booked with several family friends that we're looking forward too. I'm hoping we'll be able to play some board games without any incidents. Every time our children get together with other children it always goes very well. I'm looking forward to the company with yummy platters set out all over the place! We're going to start a couple different traditions this Christmas Eve and I'm getting excited to see how our children will react! Come Christmas afternoon for the first time in a very long time my Father and Mother (his wife) will be joining us. My sister's family is coming and with a new baby on the way! 2012 I'm a Great Aunt! I can't wait to purchase a few items for the upcoming baby shower! We have some birth family's going to be BUSY until the 27th! New Years Eve is being discussed. New Years Day we're taking the plunge into the ocean! Then I'm turning 39! This is my motivation year before the big 40! I want to get back into my exercising with the help of my dedicated boot camp sister! I have one year to become a fit 40 year old.......this isn't a resolution nor a dream, it's a factual goal of mine that I can accomplish because before I came too busy (excuse) I was running and going to the gym. Time for something for myself. My health and happiness. Then I'm off to Edmonton to see my lovely sister in law! 2012 I believe will be a great year. One reason is because I have my mind set in positive mode. More camping, more experiencing and more of making memories are on their way! If I haven't written it already, "Happy Holidays" everyone and may you be filled full of positive spirit for your New Year!

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