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Saturday, December 31, 2011

"Reflection and welcoming 2012!"

As the night begins and ends with music, games, different activities served along with cheesecake we are rejoicing. Celebrating the end of 2011 and completely welcoming 2012! As our family reminisces the past twelve months there was three Camp Homewoods in January, March and November. Sixteen birthdays not including extended family. Last January we struggled with our kitchen fridge! I was summoned to appear in court as a witness to end the lives of an owners dogs. I will never forget Christmas 2011 when we were trapped in a 600 sq ft condo during a blizzard for four days, loosing all our keys and developing a rash from a contaminated hot-tub from feces! Throughout the year I enjoyed several short hikes in different spots along the West Coast trail. We had two (plural) pneumothoraces within six months time for our second oldest son resulting in lung surgery, then my husband battled an infection for four weeks on a IV. I attended the Permanency Planning for Youth and several different FASD workshops. We had our annual Easter adoption potluck and our Christmas Adoption Party! We also had a fundraiser event for MS (Multiple Sclerosis) a 10 km run with our team "Why not?" Some of us attended the Carrie Underwood concert in Vancouver......and we spent Canada Day at the BC Forest Discovery Centre followed by dinner at our friends house. Throughout our summer we camped, we swam, we boated, go-carted and quaded. We drove around going on multiple day trips like gypsies. In 2011 we met birth family members. We finished our home and started on our property! I've been to the States and stayed on Malcolm Island with some of our children. We visited family and friends all across the Island...........My husband and I went on a "date" Remember us sitting like dogs at the kitchen table!? We also adopted a four year old girl shitzu in August after loosing our dog Kong at the beginning of May. AND in May 2011 we had two of our new children placed with us! It's been a incredible memorable year and this was just a glimpse! The last day of 2011 consisted in enjoying the sun and making a great meal followed by cheese cake. The evening was black except for a colored disco ball twirling in our living room while everyone danced to techno music. What was really cool, our littlest daughter was dancing up a storm with Daddy! She might not be-able to walk right now but she has rhythm and she loves a great party! I don't know what 2012 entails, I do know we have everything and anything we need. I don't have a resolution. I do feel that 2012 is a year of fitness and health with smaller steps. My husband and I have decided to take more time for ourselves, together and independently while making more memories for our family. My wish for other parents is to remember we're all individuals, we all give our 99% to our family and sometimes at least once a month - give that other percent to yourself. I've realized while mothering so many children that if I don't take the time for me, that other 99% feels like 150%. It can be work. SO my last thought of 2011 is start taking time for yourself. Which concludes my year and starts 2012 yes a bit selfishly. I'm taking my percent and I'm going to use it wisely! For everyone that shared 2011 with our family, perhaps personally with me - thank you. I appreciate everyone in our life, who understands, supports and doesn't judge us for being slightly society different. I am grateful; honored in so many ways, and most importantly I recognize everyone that has been directly or indirectly involved in our life. May your 2012 be full of positive solutions, brighter days and forever memories. With love...........Carrie and "Happy New Year!"

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