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Monday, December 5, 2011

"Clean list"

I don't have to question if it will get any busier. It will around here! It's just not about our family, it's about including previous foster families and some birth families. Our holiday season consists of everyone. I'm probably not the only one making a list and checking it twice. In fact I'm writing numerous lists over and over again because the original list becomes tissue with rips and coffee spilled on it! In the picture above is our fireplace, we just started to decorate today believe it or not! After all that "hype" I was blubbering about being ready and decorated by December 1st past five days ago! If you're anything like me (or my husband) we are left in over-drive. This weekend I was away accomplishing (slipping in) a first aid weekend with a few hours of skiing! Interestingly enough, I'm safer in the first aid room. I caught an edge and I continued to flip - basically snow plowed myself to a halting stop. I'm completely fine except for my underlying bruises and stiffness. Then I stepped on a little nail. "I felt it" Somewhat bothered by it but I didn't realize there was anything lodged into the bottom of my foot! Finally tonight with an infection starting, I managed to remove this little foreign object! I am my worst enemy. I will admit it. It's completely about living. (Ha ha) All kidding aside, our family is active and this includes Mountains in the winter. One of our sons is an excellent skier, doing tricks at the terrain park and enjoying the backside of our local Mountain. For me, volunteering some of my free time (not much) gives our children passes to ski. One of our eleven year old sons is showing a keen interest and I can really see the potential in "some" of our children to actively succeed in some extreme sports. Only worry - My experience working in the first aid room on a ski hill is the most experience anyone will receive for injuries. I've had the opportunity to ride car (ambulance) and it was more like a delivery service. I don't like to see someone hurt, especially children. It takes a certain individual to perform first aid at this level because it's something that you have to remove yourself from personally. There has been many traumatic injuries including death that I've either attended, witnessed or heard about. Like anything, everything is to remain confidential although with certain scenarios there is a process of debriefing. A paramedic once told me that he goes home and showers. It's a cleansing of his day. Starts fresh tomorrow. Sometimes that's easier said then done. Like anything during a day of trials, we do have to move on. So when I think about people hurt physically or mentally, I always remember what my friend told me. Try showering it off and if not for yourself, for everyone around you. To remember no matter how hard something can be, someone really does have it harder and the power of taking one day at a time is or can be a saving grace. I wasn't going to write because I knew I would be all over the place, Christmas, activities, first aid, life's trials, nails - forever changing futures. We all have our own unique qualities to release tension, mine is through journals even if it's completely scattered. On that note; I'm back to decorating our home.......and starting a fresh new week with a clean new list because first hand I know our family has it really good. I'm very, very thankful for this considering we are actively plowing down ski hills!

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