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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Locks of love

It's two of our girls hair! They've been bugging us for haircuts for the longest of time. I struggle every morning brushing their hair. Finally today I said, "Let's do it" BUT for a cause, "Locks of love" Locks of love is a non-profit organization that provides hair pieces for children who are suffering from long term hair loss from a medical diagnoses. Our daughters' hair was long enough to donate. Ten inches from tip to tip is the minimum length to donate needed for a hair piece. We had exactly ten inches from both our girls! There is some guidelines, so if anyone is interested please research before chopping it all off! It needs to be braided or either in a pony tail before being cut. The hair needs to be clean and dry before sending it in. They don't accept processed hair. I'm a mother that loves long hair on our girls, I especially believe that girls with special needs deserve the beautiful length regardless on how hard it is to maintain. So when I found out that they both had ten inches to donate, I thought YES lets do it! They were so happy, they feel so good and refreshed. They love their new hair-cuts and believe it or not, so do I! It's SO cute and both their hair cuts suit them. AND it's not even short! Locks of love make wigs for children that have cancer and alopecia areata (children who never grow hair) Usually these children aren't charged for the wigs especially made for them. You know.......we go throughout our days not even thinking about our world, and there is so many different life changing elements we could provide for another. I am so proud of our girls. Before their hair cut, I explained the only reason you're getting a hair cut is to put a smile on another little girls face. Not only are they happy, they are explaining their hair is making a wig for a little girl.............and are happy for that! They've been looking in the mirror, moving their head around and this is a time to celebrate because they've made a difference in the life of a sick child. Building confidence when someone is ill; I believe is really important, it gives hope and that emotional power to fight. I have a friend that suffers from alopecia, where she lost all her hair due to extreme stress. The need is higher then we all believe. When I was doing some research, I found out that it takes 12 donations of ten inches each and it costs about $1200.00 to craft a hand sewn wig! SO to end 2011 and to start a New Year we've sent in Locks of love! AND again......I'm very proud of our girls!


  1. That's so awesome!!! I'm proud of them, too!

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  3. Thank your girls from my heart to theirs, please. My little girl has alopecia, and knowing that children her own age care enough to donate hair helps her to feel less different.