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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's about all of us

Can you see our friendly fur-friends in my pile of laundry? This is a test! Actually today was very productive. That pile of laundry went away to it's necessary places while my youngest daughter and son danced to music! Laundry can be a party! Then I had the crock pot going with a home-made sweet and sour sauce over chicken. I also made a yummy left over lunch consisting of cubed potatoes, hamburger, sausages with gravy poured over top. (I didn't eat it) But my husband loved it! My Christmas list is almost finished and I'm ready to start some baking! In the meantime, remember this Saturday is our Adoption Christmas Party, if you haven't emailed already - now is the time for details! If you haven't met me, I will be the one wearing some weird Christmas clothing but I won't spoil my attire writing about it. Just tell your children not to touch me! (ha ha) SO you have to come or you'll miss out! Last night I went to see "New Years Eve" at the movies. I really enjoyed this movie. The cast is full of different celebrities. It's a movie I recommend for anyone. I left feeling full of love with reminders about what life is really about. It's about all of us. I could complain about the piles of laundry I receive daily but it's about how we deal with it. Laundry around here is about dancing and adding your children, your animals to the piles, it's no longer a chore. I also feel really good when I'm accomplishing a lot. (Our time shouldn't be wasted) Most importantly our time together should be cherished, it should be designed for a positive outcome after our day is over. My husband keeps asking me, "How can you remain so peaceful all the time?" Honestly, if things are getting "hairy" I become quiet, I usually internalize and think about the situation. IF it's really bothersome, yes I cry........but every day I get up starting a new day with only positive thoughts and realizing that it's not just about me, it's about all of us. My mission is to make memories, to stay positive, to hopefully make a difference and with that, develop a better future for our children. This is why it works for me having so many children; I have many to focus on. This is my path. Not only is our time important for our family, it is important for everyone we care about. I always believe if you're too busy, multitask and make a phone call to someone you're thinking about because it's important to not only yourself, to that person. I always think that I'm no exception that this could be my last day, as we never know our fate. I would really be upset leaving this world knowing that I didn't call, I didn't say, "I love you" That I just complained about my laundry instead of dancing. So this little short mixed up post is about yes, again - all of us. It's raining, thank you God......we need the water in our well and what's given to us such as precipitation is a miracle in itself! Now with thoughts of others, I'm picking up my phone to call a friend I dearly love. I hope your days are filled with constant reminders on why we're here, why life is what it is, why we are learning through trial and errors and most importantly staying positive and in love with it.

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