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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Adoption Christmas Party!

Wow! The Adoptive Christmas party was a huge success. It was the biggest one yet! There was over twenty families! "I believe" everyone had a great time. Unfortunately I have a hard time sitting down visiting, I feel that I need to make sure everything is running accordingly so sitting for me isn't an option. So if I missed visiting with anyone, I do apologise for that! I would like to take this opportunity to thank a few people. First off, AFABC (Adoption Federation Association of BC) for supplying the funding for the hall. I extremely appreciate this. I also have some families that really help make occasions like this successful. This would be Dianne Dunbar, Cathy Gilbert, Bonnie and George Hoeft and Debbie and Shawn Carlow for helping and making each and every event awesome! My husband worked really hard before and after the party. I'm thankful for him too! Another source of support that helps with prizes and food is the Co-op company and its distributors that has suggested in supporting future adoption events. The Christmas party was fun for all which included face painting, manicures, a craft table, dancing to wii dance projected on the hall wall, a surprise visitor (Santa) and tons of great food! The manicure table seemed to be a great hit, "Thank you" to the beautiful girl who dedicated her time painting nails! One of our daughters loves her nails! We would like to continue with the Christmas and Easter parties annually located at the same place. So keep connected and stay tuned for the next spring party! For our family we really enjoy building our adoptive community. We see within our children how important it is to have and attend events to keep their friendships alive. Not only is it friendships, it's a connection of support for everyone. Most of our children know they've been adopted. Events shows they're not the only ones - that they aren't any different and there is many children like themselves either through adoption or special needs. This makes a sense of normalcy. For me adoption not only brought me a big wonderful family, it brought me friends from other adoptive families that I really love. I feel so blessed to have met and befriended the families we have. Besides hosting events for relationships and support for our children, I can say I also selfishly do it for myself too. I just love our community built through adoption. I wasn't able to show much appreciation during the Christmas party but I'm definitely filled with it for everyone that help make it successful and the families that come and take part. Families that travelled from across the Island in either direction to attend is amazing. It shows how important it is to continue with adoption related events. My Father and Mother attended from an hour and a half away. I don't say this's so important for our children to have family. (It's important for me) But when our children see their Grandparents attending (supporting) their little faces light up with big smiles. Last night was special. Our oldest daughter and her boyfriend attended. Our oldest son attended. It was a great start to our holiday season! So "Thank you" very much to everyone! You're all amazing and Happy Holidays!

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