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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

J.Edgar Hoover

Finally a day without "anything" That means I'm doing laundry (bedding), cleaning, baking and writing this post at home! (going over my lists) Once a month I will go see a movie, last night I saw J. Edgar. He was the first director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. (FBI) From what I understood he was the creator of this efficient crime investigation team. He started the fingerprint files and forensic laboratories. A very established well known director in the public eye. I was very tired, slightly dozing through-out the movie but I left understanding a part of our history. I know this is a fragile subject but I apparently Edgar was gay and in a secret relationship with his associate director Clyde Tolson. If you haven't seen the movie, it's worth watching. The sad part is Edgar lived in secrecy sadly knowing if his love for Clyde were to seep out, his creditability and life would be at stake. "Mainly" we live in a world that is now accepting different lifestyles but even still, I know personally individuals that hide who they are because of the disapproval they'll receive. I personally believe this is wrong of anyone to judge another on they way they live, or who they are. This is where we see more suicidal attempts. Suicide. So when I learn of individuals histories living like Edgar did, it's very sad. I'm huge for acceptance and individuality. If any of our children love the same sex I would be completely fine. Some of my best friends were/are homosexual and because they can be who they are, they are nicer people. Interesting how some movies can put you in deep thought. Like books, it's just forms of enlightenment. Another enlightenment is our new age existence really isn't new age at all (a spirituality without borders or confining dogmas) it was just hidden because being exposed meant abusive death. Definitely a belief that wasn't openly communicated. Well if you know me, happiness is key to success and without it, no amount of money in the world can help you. Like Edgar, his successes were astronomical but according to some factual information, he wasn't happy with who he was personally. That's where I really do wish people can just be who they I better get cracking eggs, my free day is wasting!

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