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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Proud of my snakes, tongues & black eyes glued by my husband!

We don't know what we really look like until we get into a family picture. We are so used to our numbers that we're not fazed by our size. Going about our day is very "normal" for us. We took ten of our children to the park. My husband pointed out that if all our children were together (including adult children) we'd take over the swing set! So here we are, above is our family portrait to end 2011! (Ha ha) Except I'm taking the picture! For us to explain on how we function as a large family, we just do - we are used to our life. While down at the park, I was watching my husband interact with seven of our boys. They played for hours on this one board made for a low bench. Something we would have at home. It was a game where they would take turns trying to get someone off, the last boy standing wins. I believe they called it a "Chicken fight" It was really funny to watch. While watching not only did I have some great laughs, I thought to myself, "What a great Dad" My husband interacts with our children daily, plays with them, reads them stories and mostly he's having fun doing it. I have the full package. A hard working man of all trades and a family man who'll stop at nothing for his children. Our relationship together can be comical but mostly we also have the understanding that we're both individuals with different interests. We support each other. So when I'm away for a weekend doing first aid, hiking or a traveling experience somewhere, he's happy knowing that I'm still me. While I support him working on his race car for the next season. His garage is his solitude. Our oldest daughter is now living with her boyfriend and I always state; keep your independence. Let your boyfriend keep his. This is what keeps a relationship together. (Control will ruin any relationship) Jealousy will be your worst enemy. My husband and I don't have jealousy in our relationship. I really love my relationship with my husband. In 1997 when we first moved in together, our first "vow" was to keep our independence. Fourteen years later this still remains true. An important piece I believe to establish in any ones relationship. We might be married but we have two different personal focuses or goals for ourselves. Then our family unit bonds us together forever. As you know I'm a deep thinker; so while at the park witnessing my husband with our children, reflecting on our life as a whole, I was feeling very honored to be the wife and mother of my family. I love moments like these.......and when I'm the one taking the picture looking in, no matter what it resembles,(Snakes, tongues, black eyes, arms flailing as the picture above) I'm proud on what I see. We're not perfect, I wouldn't want it any other way and my husband is definitely our glue!

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