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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"That place"

We've been in the process of cleaning. Once again after finishing all my laundry I found my two fluffy dogs! Many of our children struggle with the concept of cleaning. I feel that I'm constantly on them about one toy or activity at a time. That way it's easier to clean and put away. Their type of cleaning is pushing under the bed or piling on their dresser while their cupboards remain with free space. Organization is hard to teach! In fact, I'm starting to wonder if that organization is a born skill and not learned! I remember when I was a child, all my animals and dolls were placed face up in a row - around here most of the dolls are face down kicking each other in a doll pile! So that's a dilemma in some of their rooms - piling, stuffing and hiding is "cleaning" With all the mounds of toys, they don't even know what they have and if they do......they don't know where it is! SO project 200 for me is starting one BIG pile. This is when their Mother will weave through and tackle organizing their things while they help. I've done this before with not much success because if some of our children can't get dressed appropriately in the morning, how on earth would they manage to keep an organization routine in their room!? I'm truly a believer in picking and choosing battles but if they can't keep a room clean and organized, I fear their home will be disastrous in the future. (Or our home) SO I've been thinking again about ideas on how to solve the potential hoarding future I see developing with some of our children. If not signs, picture cues in every space provided for their items. That way dolls will be placed together! We do have a house rule that if they've brought out a toy to play with, they have to bring it back to their room or it's taken away. This has been successful. Now it's about their rooms. Organizing. I have another idea.....which is rotating their toys. Meaning taking some away for a period of time, rotate occasionally. That way they have less to clean up and their toys are always new. OR trade toys with another family like we do clothing. Another task for me is going through every dresser - if I didn't, some of our children will put on sizes too small regardless how it feels or what it looks like! Like fitness, it feels good to clean and organize! I just need our children to feel the same way! I can multitask and I'm extremely organized but I read if you're struggling getting things accomplished, try a timer. That way you're beating the clock to get things done! I thought this was an excellent idea to try with our children. I find that I'm constantly asking them to put this and that away, or "clean" their rooms - adding a timer sounds like an idea to try. Although I think the timer would need the digital visual, so they know time is actually moving - so they move! I'm always on a mission for the ultimate idea that works. Today was one of those deep in thought days. For me, I like my surroundings clean and organized. Including places no one sees, like closets, cupboards and even our fridge. Everything has a place to be. I think the first step is teaching our children "that place" for that item by picture cues and repetition. The trick, don't have too many items! I might sound anal although this isn't necessarily for me, this is for our children to develop these skills (hopefully) for their future. I can see life being very overwhelming if they're consumed by a mess!

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